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Day 8-very gentle practice

–but at least I’m moving again.
Back still twinges but I can walk normally, sit normally… never appreciated all that before.

Rats–now I can no longer classify myself as someone who never gets back aches!

Never thought I would be challenged by upward dog!

Decided to change blog appearance for the new year (yes, my turtle boys are up there now!) but seem to have lost my blogroll in the process so this one may not stay…

And yes, took the day off writing to catch up on all the things that have been piling up over the last few days–and treated myself to Comme Une Image that I’ve been meaning to watch for some time.

It’s great–even if I have to depend on subtitles most of the time. I loved it loved it loved it!

Agnes Jaoui is great as the singing teacher/wanting-to-be-loving wife/social climber who is too good a person to lick the ass once she’s crawled with reach of it. She looks really fantastic there & oh, & she also co-wrote & sole-directed it. I can’t decide whether I love her or hate her!

Marilou Berry wallows & wallows & I swear, reminded me SO MUCH of someone but I better not name her here…

& Virginie Desamauts was lovely (performance & appearance both) as the self-absorbed successful writer’s BCBG 2nd wife.

I might actually buy this one (watched rented dvd) but I’ll let my reactions settle first. Now I’m still high on it–funny, sad, pointed…


2 Responses

  1. Yes, will do–no more jumps at least!

    & yes, I’m Definitely feeling the getting older bit.

    Thanks for the plus vote. I still have my blogroll ‘background’, just have to access it via my dashboard rather than just ‘click’.

    But I’ll work this out, I will I will…

  2. Please take care. More gentle practices until the aches ease off, okay?

    None of us are getting any younger. Even Iyengar learns to slow down in his later years.

    Actually, I like this new look. Maybe it’s the turtle boys, or the fact it looks neater, more spartan. Blog roll can always be rebuilt.

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