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First ‘Working Day’ of 2009

And Thank God It’s Friday!!!

Woke tired this morning & missed my regular dog walking session at SPCA today because I was coughing up yellow gunk… (yes, I know–too much info!)

But there is plenty to do anyway. Today is laundry exchange day, new curtains are being delivered & so is next week’s supply of organic veggies.

Plus my book! My book!  I took yesterday off–New Year only comes once a year right? & really want to get back to corrections & writing.

This morning I went out to Jurong (to get picture frames etc from IMM) & thought, why don’t I do my sitting practice here?
I meant just to stop for 15 minutes by Jurong  Lake but instead went into Japanese Gardens. Yes, I did my 15 min ‘sit’ broken up peaceably enough by other people walking through asking me to snap shots them together, but even that seemed part of the flow of things & it was a very nice outdoor sit.

I just read Liz W’s notes on doing our breathing & meditation at the same time & same place every day & I can see the sense in it. But today, doing my 15 stretched to 30 min outdoors in a beautiful place was really something different & special.

Yes, it’s an ‘artificial’ landscape, but water is water & no doubt the real fish in the artificially constructed streams think the bubbles & flow are real too–& just while I was sitting there (several convenient benches, wide enough to sit cross-legged by little streams/pond) it was real enough for me too. Along with the very blue sky, puffy clouds going by, some very very white, some ominously black & the breeze & the birds, I felt put back into perspective like a sensory massage. Yes, I’ve been trying to create artificial pressure to ‘force’ myself to work faster. But this sitting/breathing told me–what will happen will happen. You breathe and you go on happening too.

Like stepping into the holodeck for relief from stress.

I may try to do my sitting meditation outdoors at least once a week.

And yes, I Will find time to get on the mat today too…!

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