Great start to 2009!!!

No classes today & I wasn’t sure I would have the discipline for a self practice amid all the ‘excitement’ of setting up new directories (on computer–I’m ritualistic) so…

I did my first follow-along-with-tv’s Namaste Yoga practice!

It comes through on Discovery Home & Health, I only got access to it over Christmas so I was aware of its existence but somehow didn’t try it out till now. (Blocked by reasons like: “I’m doing a ‘real’ practice later”, “I want my coffee first!”)

But today being the first day of the rest of the year as well as first day of the rest of my life, I rolled out manduka & just followed along (the smell of coffee actually seemed to help, believe it or not!)

30 minutes of following along (I might still do a full practice later) but I can say I’ve started 2009, January and WoYoPracMo!!!


2 Responses

  1. Thanks Jo! Tons of blessings & beauty to you in the new year too–keep in touch!

  2. Happy new year ovidia.

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