Quiet Christmas

–but good.

Didn’t go to church this year. I didn’t feel like it–not because of any faith issue. If anything, felt closer to God but also wanted to be quiet. Some people came by Christmas Eve–my Christmas present, a landscaped patio with ‘water feature’ was set up and running with no effort on my part (thank you thank you thank you people for working so hard & so fast & so close to the holidays! Does this count as a public thank you?)

Arthos & Porthos in their new home

& in the yoga room there is a stone ‘sitting yogi’ that holds a tea light if you put it in his cupped hands, will push me to put in my own sitting time, I hope!

Overall it felt (still feels) like Christmas & even New Year are just small markers on the way to a 2009 that’s already revving up to go, I seem to have so many projects in the pipeline that taking myself off the computer on Christmas Day felt like a sacrifice. My mother was out of hospital just for Christmas but I didn’t see her or that part of the family. The Beaver & I took Dad to the Ritz-Carlton champagne brunch which (somewhat to my surprise) I really enjoyed. There were the obligatory servings of dead animal (turkey/pig/cow/chicken) meats but also a great variety of stuff we could eat (maybe the free flow of champagne helped…)

But 2008 and other things are coming to an end. I know there’s so much to be thankful for, but here again the pull into 2009 is so strong all my attention is directed forward.

And in non-work ways too–WoYoPracMo is back again in January.  This year I will make it through the Whole Month, I’m promising myself. It should help anchor me through all the rest of the stuff going on. And maybe I’ll continue with the Lotus Seaters too–


3 Responses

  1. lol yes! You have a good 2009 too–(will you be back in Singapore?)

    and yes, Kirsten–I do! (try I mean–& get distracted!)
    Have a good 2009 too–good movement & good stillness both!

  2. It could have been worse at the Ritz-Carlton. They could have been serving live animals.

    A quiet Christmas is good.

    Have a good 2009, and see you at WoYo.

  3. What a lovely patio! I’d be tempted to do all my sitting right there, and get distracted watching the turtles.

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