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The Lotus Sitters

I’ve started a new group on WoYoPracMo–the Lotus Sitters!

The WoYoPracMo theme for December is ‘breathing’.

I know I need to focus more time on conscious deep breathing but somehow intention never translated to action.

But I should be able to manage 15 minutes a day, right?

I started yesterday:

Last night the Beaver was hanging around after dinner and I said ‘Want to sit with me?” & explained about my sitting & deep breathing goal. He was game but didn’t want to ‘sit’. Instead he put a cushion under the small of his back & lay down to get his chest as well as his mind ‘opened’. I tried lying down too (minus the cushion. Furnishings here are still limited!) & we chalked up a great 15 minutes on the timer.
It was a great way to spend some peaceful time with a good friend.
He says he’s going to try regular breathing meditation too but next time he wants a facial mask because if he’s going to sit still for that time he might as well be hydrating/cleansing his pores!

And I think the slowing down/breathing/focusing helped me get through today.

Today was a really busy day. My temporary dining table arrived (I love it!) and I was going to take a break & catch a led-primary series class. But taking the Alexandra exit off the AYE (anyone familiar with the route will know there’s it’s a steep upward ramp) I saw a lone man trying to steer & push a Johore registered car up the slope.
So… went with the flow, turned into Alexandra Hospital & parked ($10 per entry! Hope private ambulances & patient-carrying taxis get a waiver!!) & went back to help push. Another man came to join us–he’d also driven past & come back. & we got the car all the way up the slope, onto the main road, round the corner & into the hospital carpark!
Anyway I missed the class. Went into Starbucks to wait for 12.30 class & ended up translating ‘hot’ vs ‘cold’ & ‘Takeaway’ vs ‘Eat here’ for the staff (Indian & Malay) trying to serve mainland Chinese customers.
And then I stopped at West Coast Plaza to pick up soy milk & tofu on the way home. There was a woman sitting on the steps by the back lift lobby. I thought she had been crying because her eyes were so red. She said she wasn’t crying–her eyes were painful. Got her some soothing drops from Watsons & she said she would use them. But what worried me is she said ‘got chemical’ in her eyes. What chemical & how bad is it?
It struck me that I should have asked if she wanted to see a doctor, but when I went back she was gone.

It’s been a long time since I interacted with so many strangers. I really think it had something to do with yesterday’s breathing meditation. I was just thinking ‘I am here, I am breathing’ over and over again and being aware of the ramifications of being ‘here’. Among the things that came up were being connected & present–I have a physical body & I can do things–so today it’s like I was super-open to people around me!

But it was also exhausting & I haven’t finished today’s chapter corrections.

But I did my 15 minutes sitting just now & I’m okay with not finishing. I’ll make it up tomorrow (air-con people coming at 11am).

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