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Moon Day

It’s been a heavy week–had a bad cold.

One doc said “anti-B’s it’s going into the chest” other doc said “no! anti-B’s will upset your INR!”

But–I’ve done some very mild practice, some walking, grocery store cycling, and… submitted 2 chapts to a ‘new’ publisher who got back in two days & said they want to see the whole manuscript!

Nothing promised of course, but I’m so thrilled at the speed they seem to have read it.

Of course, looking over the drafts (I’m on draft 3 now) everything I’ve written so far seems incredibly lame & pointless so I’ve started on Draft 4 which I swear I will send to them by the end of January no matter how bad it looks.

I’m on Chapter 4 now, wish me luck!

Thought I was on a roll then woke this morning feeling groggy & grungy & realised it was a Moon Day (full moon this morning 4 am) and a Saturday so may take it easy–printed out 4 chapters, pulled out the hole puncher & dedicated a new folder to them.

Even with a muggy head & aching eyes I’m very aware of how lucky & how blessed I am–yes, I’m happy. Attended the Dr Alan Wallace presentation/forum on Wednesday & realised how much yoga practice–on & off the mat–builds up qualities of happiness & resilience.

Most striking things I got from the talk:

  • Opposite of resilience is rigidity. (When rigid we crack instead of adapt)
  • The worst rigidity comes in self-image (the self is not immutable. We are all in the process of change. Also true of the ‘self’ in others we interact with)
  • Important to be tuned into the moment both inwardly & outwardly
  • & move beyond our static preconceptions to respond to novelty & the unexpected.

Also on the panel were Prof Frank Voon & Dr Jonathan Marshall; introduced & chaired by Prof Kua Ee Heok. Some fascinating stuff on connection between depression & excellence, current scientific attitude to breathing meditation, brain anatomy in relation to our physical, mental, intellectual & even spiritual selves! I made notes, but don’t have the energy to type them in now. Everything other than Draft 4 is going on the backburner till end of January!

This afternoon I’m going to talk to someone about a new turtle tank design–glass perhaps so I can see my turtle brats from the side as well as above, & large & deep enough that I work in sunning platforms & hiding areas.

The fishtank seems happily established now–I maybe able to cull plants for the turtles to destroy soon.

A small dining table arrives Monday (I hope) so I won’t be eating on my knees for much longer!


One Response

  1. “realised how much yoga practice–on & off the mat–builds up qualities of happiness & resilience.”

    So agree with you on this. I am always reminded of this when I neglect my practice a little too long. Life would suddenly feel more chaotic and stressful than it was before.

    Agree also with the point about resilience and rigidity. Alas, I am flexible in body but less so in mindset.

    Good luck on your manuscript.

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