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Singapore to subsidise HIV Medication!!!

Another small, belated but very very very meaningful step for Singapore!

From The Straits Times:

Most of those infected here are heterosexual men who have unprotected sex with sex workers.

I find the unspoken frightening here: where are these female (presumably mostly illegal, since our legal sex workers undergo monthly check-ups & are encourage to request condom use) sex workers?

Were they all in Batam?  (and therefore not our business even though infected by our men?) but if so many Singapore men were bringing so much weekly business there, Batam Island would be seeing more development than Sentosa today.

I suspect many of these now-infected women were in Singapore selling sex illegally on tourist visas.

Do they just get sent back to their own countries once diagnosed? I doubt anyone enters the illegal sex trade (unless you happen to be a Malaysian math genius) for fun or for money.

They may have been tricked into it, desperate for money, or just not have known what they were getting into. I don’t know, because  we don’t know who these women are. However desperate these girls were when they got into the  sex trade they’ll be in a worse situation now.

But for now, it’s great that Singapore is finally considering subsidising HIV drugs (& catching up with our neighbours Malaysia, Thailand & Taiwan).

Thank you, Health Minister!

next step: I know some people (our friends from Focus on the Family for example) disapprove of condom use  but since their abstinence message is not slowing the spread of HIV can we have more real sex education programmes?

Perhaps conducted by Action for Aids rather than Focus on the Family?

One Response

  1. Yup. Agreed. The people I met from Action for AIDS at a recent convention were really great. Very helpful and very informative about what really really really needs to be done to help with the AIDS situation here in Singapore.

    Their current outreach program includes distributing condoms at the ferry terminal every weekend and providing anonymous HIV testing. Hhhmm… I guess the next step is for the Ministry to realize how backward our school curriculum is.

    Other steps like the ‘Love Amplified’ concert & a recent TCS 8 drama starring Chen Hanwei are encouraging signs of indirect public education. But what’s saddening is that they hardly ever mention the word ‘condom’ ever.

    For those interested to help Fight AIDS@Home… Checkout this little video clip–> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPc7gsZIk24

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