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Great Start to December!!!

Great News on DBS!!!

DBS has removed mention of Focus On The Family from its Christmas page!

(That’s the page which previously featured their FOTF contribution intention)

Which suggests (to me anyway) that:

1. DBS just wanted to make a charitable giving gesture & picked an ultra-conservative, fundie Christian, woman disempowering, homophobic group based on low/no research…and

2. that the blogosphere backlash did make a difference!

Thank you, DBS.

(rats, do I now close my new OUB account?)

Will get back to this after/if I manage to:

Take cat to vet (check up only–she had a blister last week)

Change water in fish tank (it’s Monday)

Set up 2nd Eheim pump with new hopefully turtle-proof ties

Type in my on-paper editing

Do another 1000 words of new draft

Take last week’s Laundry across the road (trying to support no-drive neighbourhood entreprises… & too lazy to do it myself. Eventually may give up my little washing machine!)


5 Responses

  1. I would be happy if they give an equivalent sum to a children’s charity NOT managed by FOTF… like the Straits Times Pocket Money fund or Children’s Cancer Foundation.

    Just as a token–to show they want to help children, not FOTF.
    & underlining we want to help children too–

  2. I suspect you are right – but I wonder if we might not ask them to give an equivalent, or greater, sum, to a pro-LGBT rights and/or pro-woman organisation as reparation for their initial error to begin with. That should surely be acceptable if they can understand and respect the reasons why people were unhappy with the FOTF donation.

  3. They probably Will pass money under the table to DBS but suspect this will be more to honour their agreement rather for ‘ideological’ reasons.
    (as a secular state bank they can’t/shouldn’t lean towards self righteously fundamentalist Christian groups)

    But I think they realise their using FOTF donations as a way to ‘give back’ to the community is not going to work. Or make them look good.

    So I’m hoping they will not repeat this gesture and other big organisations will take a hint!

    Karl, I don’t think DBS can be bothered to stoop to ‘just toying’ with us. We are an inconvenience & potential embarrassment (esp if international press picks this up) that they would like to squash quietly with as little trouble as possible. In the position we are in now, we must think like MOSQUITOES–buzz, buzz, buzz, bite, bite, bite, write, write, write, till they bleed, bleed, bleed.

    Only for now of course. And only wrt DBS. Rest of the time we continue as respectable citizens working towards peace, prosperity & progress of other banks (AND DBS if they drop the FOTC connection!)

  4. DBS is still donating money to FOTF.

    Instead of the promotion, I believe they are going to donate the amount directly to FOTF.

    Apparent DBS is just toying with all of you.

  5. Ovidia, I agree this is generally a good development since it shows DBS is responsive to consumer pressure.

    However, I’m not sure what removing the reference means. Does that really mean they are no longer participating in the arrangement with FOTF? Or does it mean that they still are, but won’t publicise it? It’s possible that they always knew the nature of FOTF, but thought they would be able to get away with using it for positive promotional purposes, and have now realised that isn’t the case (while possibly still backing FOTF for ideological reasons). Unless DBS releases some kind of statement on the matter, we can’t know which of the possibilities it is.

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