Feedback Letter sent to DBS

“Most special of all, we’re extending the joy of giving to the community. For every set of limited edition bears redeemed, DBS will contribute a sum towards Focus on the Family, a charity dedicated to helping children and families thrive.”


My complaint concerns DBS choosing Focus On Family as a charity to support this Christmas. This is an ultra conservative intolerant Christian right wing foreign based group (check their website) which pushes views I (even though a Christian) strongly object to.

If you wanted to make a generous Christmas gesture with your teddy bear donations, why not pick a local based group that actually works with children? For example the Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund or the Singapore Children’s Society Family Service Centre or even the NKF or Singapore Red Cross?

What made DBS choose to help fund the intolerant propaganda of Focus On Family?
Is this is going to be DBS’ charity of choice long term?
Do I have to find another bank?

I know–for now all I have to do is stay away from DBS cards & tell friends & family to announce they’ll reject any gifts purchased on DBS cards but I hate the thought that in some small way money in my accounts (I have POSB Savings & Checking accounts) may be contributing to Focus On Family.

If anyone else has feedback the DBS feedback page is at


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