Death By Hot Yoga

Confirmed: I’m a hot yoga failure…

meant to try a Hot B class but got the timings mixed up & ended up in Hot Flow (other cat develped swollen cheek & had to be brought in to vet. Worried Her Time Had Come cos she’s over 20 years old & blind but vet just recommended anti-Bs. Swelling down this morning, btw. Also turtles managed to reroute their water pump outflow & flooded the terrace, emptying their second tank. Not easy for them–one of them must have leaned on the pipe, balanced half out of the tank, standing on the other because on its own the pipe springs back into position over tank & since it’s the deep end of tank there’s no other way they could manage it. Oh yes–& Aware dinner in honour of Hedwig Anuar was… well, like a regular company D & D except without lucky draw prizes–‘Entertainment’ too loud to talk over & not interesting enough to pay attention to. Lovely painting of her, though–anyway I wasn’t in the mood, exhausted from sourcing cheap-but-functional fridge, microwave, washing machine, curtains & bedding for student rental apartment–I’m going to be a landlady!)

But oh yes. I was talking about yoga. Hot Yoga. Hot Flow was… was… I got there a bit early & lay on a mat before class. Perhaps that was the problem. I was already feeling overheated & dizzy before class started & then when we were halfway through I had to sit down (as alternative to falling down) & didn’t finish class.

I know–I’ve been told I’ll hate the first few hot classes & then it will get better, but this is my 3rd attempt at a class & I still ___ it. ‘Hate’ is too strong a sentiment… I would say I still don’t feel a reason for the heat. “Endurance” says the Beaver. “It’s like climbing Everest without oxygen or running with weights–to increase your endurance!”

The Beaver loves hot yoga, btw. He says it makes him more flexible & able to sweat without effort.

But I’m already sweating lots & lots & lots in my regular practice & the heat doesn’t make me more flexible, just more light headed & dizzy…


6 Responses

  1. it doesn’t build “endurance” it just gives you the illusion. Birkram is for pussies who dont want to expend the energy it takes to actually heat their own bodies, so they go in a hot room. Which is, by the way, why it’s dangerous… because the people who do it are not cardio vascularly prepared for heat with exercise. that’s why Birkram has killed many many people and given brain damage to dozens of others. (the rest must be brain damaged to begin with.)

  2. Thanks people! (& all those who passed on hot perspectives in person!) guess I’m also more comfortable with more ‘traditional’ yoga. What the hot yoga lovers seem to like most about hot/Bikram yoga (this is individual feedback) is 1) increased flexibility 2) sweat.

    I’m already too flexible–my main focus is maintaining balance, strength–so…
    & (for me anyway!) ashtanga=sweat sweat sweat sweat sweat sweat sweat…

    I can see the advantage of heated rooms in colder climates… just maybe not here where sweat can come if you sit & breathe!

  3. Hey, I do yoga simply to feel good about myself and the world. Hot yoga, well, where I come from, its naturally hot 🙂 … But then, if you dehydrate very fast, as it might be, this is not a healthy thing, any kind of yoga, done right, keeps your mind and body healthy, and does not hurt.

    If it hurts or aches, you may not be doing it right, always do what feels right, ultimately that works out best

  4. Not being a fan of hot weather, hot rooms, or even overly-hot showers, I’ve stayed far, far away from hot yoga. Doubt I’d even make it half-way before needing to sit as I’m just not made to function at higher temperatures.

    Hope your foray into landlady-hood goes smoothly!

  5. Teeheehee… guess the flow was a little too hot to handle yeah? 😛

    okokokok. i’m damn cheesy larrr….

  6. I know I shouldn’t be speaking out without really exploring them, but all the new fangled versions of yoga seem to leave me a little doubtful. Yoga in its original form I love and respect (though haven’t had the yen to practice), but all other forms……well, enough said.

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