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Attempt at New Work Process

I’m printing out 93 pages (15922 words!) of my novel-in-progress so I can work on paper, reading & doing corrections this weekend.

It feels like such a waste of paper (almost 50 sheets double sided!) but I’m justifying it to myself this way:

I want to get it published eventually–as a real book on real paper & many many many copies…

So what I’m doing now is trying to make it as good a book as possible… & so reduce the printing ‘waste’!

I know, I’m not making sense. But it’s been a long long long week. I got four practices in since Monday, though. Including yesterday which was a moon day. And two bike rides (short ones, to Cold Storage for soya milk & chocolate) & I’m really enjoying ‘The Autobiography of Alice B Toklas’. There are times it feels like I’m reading society news except slanted to artists & writers & then suddenly there’s something so touching on the war (WW I) & how people on the ground tried to survive and how the young people were rushing to enlist/volunteer… a friend of Gertrude Stein’s worried because she hadn’t heard from her son who had gone back to university. She was sure he was going to try to enlist & this proved to be correct. But ‘fortunately’ there was a long queue & the office closed before it was his turn. So she telegraphed him & he came & she saw Kitchener who got him a commission & he went to France as an officer the next week. This was North Whitehead btw, son of Alfred North Whitehead who up till now I only knew as a mathematician-philosopher.

Incredible as it seems now I once considered focusing on Mathematics. I thought there was less ‘work’ as in reading / memorizing involved & it would be interesting. Problem with that was I couldn’t see any profession other than teaching coming out of it & I didn’t want to teach.

As incredible as once upon an even more distant time I once thought medical research would be an interesting field.

Yes, I’m exhausted & rambling… but the printer has done it’s job & now I’ve got my printouts I’ll sat goodbye to the computer till Monday!

2 Responses

  1. thanks Kirsten, wish I could say writing on paper went great but spent today visiting cat at the vet’s & reading Outliers instead!

  2. There really is noting like paper for proofing, especially if the final product will be in that form. Hope it goes well!

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