Rain Rain Coming Again (dedicated to darkorph, dry in dubai!)

Was just reading Dark Orpheus blog on missing the rainy season here.

It’s going to rain Big Time again here soon. Now it’s just drizzling but out of my right window there’s a whole thick quilt of grey-black being pulled fast over sky that’s still fairly light blue out of the window on my left  and the rumble of approaching thunder is starting to compete with the noise from the construction site where workers are racing to get in as much as they can before they are shut down/washed out.

I feel sorry for those guys working in this weather. Those on this site are mainly from China and quite sweet. Sometimes the older uncles tell me I’m riding my bicycle wrong (have a right handed tendency to use my right hand/front brakes when slowing down) when I ride past their site to Clementi Woods & West Coast Plaza (akan datang both Starbucks & Coffee Bean! & right across from where the open air food court/wet market should be re-opening soon!!)

Sorry, got distracted. One step back: I watch the construction process sometimes. These people take great care & are really extremely skilled. Today the crane operator was scraping earth together (out of what’s probably going to be either a swimming pool or tennis court), scooping it up and with a graceful elbow tuck & turn, swinging around other workers moving long metal rods before depositing it onto a metal-rod-enclosed area & patting & smoothing it into place. But being interrupted by rain just sets everything backwards.

It can’t be easy working so hard so far away from home & family. Plus worries that the contractor’s budget is stretched by the weather & workers will be the first to feel it re:accommodation/meals/pay.

And I remember the worker (From India that time) who talked about the beautiful buildings he made, how he was proud of what he had built because before they started there was nothing there except earth and weeds and he had never made such a big building. But when he went back with friends to show what he had built the people there (they were looking around, apparently not yet sold/occupied) chased them away & told them they could not go there because they dirtied the place.

& two steps back to what I started writing about. Looks like no swimming this evening (lightning & thunder have arrived. It’s already 7pm dark outside though it’s only 5pm) But I do love the cool yet warm rain here.


3 Responses

  1. next time do let me know! (in advance, just in case I don’t check my mail till it’s too late…)

    Passerete naturalmente!

  2. I was in Singapore on the 12th, and yes it did rain on my way to the airport!

    Thanks for your good wishes on the Italian exams…let’s hope I pass.

    Thought of asking you if we could meet up when I was in Sg, but then thought you might find it too weird:)

  3. Thank you for the story about the Indian worker. Pride in one’s work is a good thing to have.

    I love the cool but warm rain too. things we start to appreciate when they are no longer around. It’s also a good time to practice when it’s cold and raining outside, and you’re warming up inside.

    If anything, Dubai is a lesson in appreciating what you have now, what you no longer have, and learning to live with constant changes.

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