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Great Rainy November Day

Rain cut short this morning’s dogwalking. I only took 2 little dogs out for very short walks because it was already starting to drizzle. I believe it was Milo (a new ‘Milo’, the 3rd I’ve come across by that name!)’s first walk–one of his first walks, anyway. He’s just 5 months old & usually they’re not allowed out to walk as puppies/pre-sterilisation but I was careful & kept him away from the others. He was so excited, sniffing everything, running in circles when I didn’t walk fast enough for him then stopping to sniff and explore some more and constantly coming back to me for a pat & reassurance! The other doggie I walked was 5 month old Letchmi who’s very shaggy & cuddly. I was out with her when it started to thunder & the clouds really got black–when I squatted down to untangle her leash she just climbed onto my lap & I had to carry her back!

It turned out to be a really good day, though. Lovely heavy rain (good for staying indoors) Mr Dev didn’t need any help in the storeroom so I got off early (about 10 am instead of 1pm) & even though I took my time I good a steady couple of hours at the computer & hit my 1000 word target almost effortlessly! Maybe I should get a recording of lashing rain sounds & play it when I have difficulty focusing.

Took time off to read new Gertrude Stein collection but just dipped in (feel guilty for reading at home during the day–stupid, I know) & have promised myself a couple of hours of reading tonight.

Instead–it was raining too heavily to re-attach the temporary pump I set up for the 2nd turtle tank so I cleaned out the storeroom/bomb sheltar. Chucky (my 16 year old cat) likes to sleep in there in rainy weather & he knocked over the overflow container from the worm bin… surprisingly easy to clean up, though. I culled a quarter of a jar of cockroaches (yes I have roaches guess now spidermon will never visit me!) from the worm bin & gave them to the turtle boys to snack on. They had a great time but after they finished both climbed out of the tank & started bumping the glass door asking for more! (No, I don’t starve them. They get floating pellets, green veg & calcium chews as ‘regular’ diet. The roaches are just a treat)

And I’ve got 5 new fish–golden algae eaters. Unfortunately I learned online that they get aggressive when they reach maturity. The guy who sold them to me said they were no problem in a community tank & I believed him so… but so far they have been little angels & already started work on the tank & on the plants.

Indian vegetable curry for dinner with brown rice… I have potatoes, tomatoes, long beans, brinjal, tofu & cashews & I’m going to use the cardamom I found in the new Cold Storage at West Coast Plaza (have searched for cardamom in Giant, Cold Storage Vivo, Cold Storage Valleypoint, Taste Original, all to no avail. But this new branch opening just walking distance from me saved me a trip to Little India!)

Must be the weather, just thinking about starting to cook is making me hungry!

One Response

  1. Congrates on the healthy heart report! And hitting your word target.

    Good luck on reading Gertrude Stein. Suddenly feeling very “blonde” as Stein’s writing intimidates me.

    Your post makes me miss the variety of vegetables and foodstuff from the markets back home. Dubai is over-rated. Their stores are BIG, but they do not have the range. And brown rice are too expensive to eat everyday.

    What I would give to be able to stand in the rain right now.

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