The Good & The Sad

The incredibly good: final heart scan shows my mitral valve prolapse is gone! Or rather, it’s just a ‘mitral thickening’ now, from what was regurgitation & seepage previously… I suggested to Prof Tan I’d been misdiagnosed & have always had a healthy heart but he pulled out records from a year, 2 years back… anyway I credit yoga practice for this!

Great Yin class led by Colette today. Came out of it feeling both calm & centred & thoroughly worked & wrung out.

& before class I got down & structured outline for next book–11 pages before morning practice!! Taking rest of the day/week off!

And the sad–my old pleco died after about 7 years in the community tank. Could see he was failing–algae shadows on the tank sides last week which would never have got past him when he was in his prime.


3 Responses

  1. hi spider & kirsten, you’re both so sweet!

  2. Wow! Great news about your heart! But then, we all know your heart is healthy in other ways….

  3. farewell mr. pleco 😦

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