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November Commitments

Looks like a win for Obama! Was late for this morning’s appointment at hospital because it was McCain leading when I turned on the tv over breakfast (not something I normally do) & I couldn’t tear myself away till it evened out slightly. (All numbers are still projections of course) But Prof Tan laughed & said he was watching out for Obama too so it was okay–he also said I was doing well, asked whether I was exercising because I’m in better shape than I was in 2000!

I know I know–what difference should it make to us non-American, non-political people who gets elected?

View from here: Barack Obama is intelligent & practical & seems to represent an intelligent, practical & fair America.

& it would be terrifying to have a Sarah Palin VP of such a powerful country. Why? Because she projects an America that dismisses the rest of the world as unimportant or demonizes it as dangerous… she gives the impression that anyone who is not white fundamentalist Christian/pro-Life & Guns/more concerned with world environment than Alaska Oil/nice to her husband’s sister is a valid target & deserves to be shot or invaded. (Plus–very relevant here in Singapore–her efforts to make Americans distrust anyone who might have a Muslim name!)

Okay, Pennsylvania just came in for Obama.

But November goes on regardless, so:

November Practice Theme from WoYoPracMo:

Seeing the Light, Being Light, Searching for Lightness

How to apply this? Without understanding exactly what it means, I’m sensing it’s something I need both on & off the mat.

For a start will meditate on it (& write it into my carry around notebook)

Other November commitments:

1. Putting in 30,000 words to my book. I know, woefully short of NaNoWriMo targets, but this is something between a second & third draft of an existing script being reworked so…

2. Writing a first draft of HIV awareness show.

3. Spending court support time. I’m just sitting there–listening/praying/giving the Other Side the evil eye… & she seems to appreciate it. I wouldn’t do this for just anyone but this is someone I’ve known for a long time & who’s put everything else aside to be there for me in my own ’emergency’ bad times.

4. Installing my 2nd Eheim for the 2nd outdoor turtle tank. Up till now I’ve been using one (2 year old) Eheim Pro 2 & alternating it between the turtle boys’ swim tank & feed tank & it’s been holding up pretty well. But this will help my daily/weekly maintenance so much. I just bought the tank, now to figure out weatherproof wiring for 2 pumps out of one socket!

Fun November goals:

5. Trying out recipes from my new Yoga Thailand cookbook

6. Getting back (up) to James’ Yan Kit Road shala

7. Crocheting a couple more amigurumi while listening to Tess Gerritsen books on cd

8. Putting up Christmas lights


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