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It’s November!

November’s here–scary how fast time is passing & how long it’s been since I did a full 90 min practice…

But yes, have got some things done:

Been in to see the mother in hospital–she couldn’t talk, oxygen mask was on, so I wasn’t being as brave as it sounds.

Found use for crocheted amigurumi… (darkorph, if  you reading this from dubai I was ‘researching’ attitudes to Japanese culture from inside & outside–ie us) On Halloween I added several amigurumi to the candy basket (meaning them for children with nut/chocolate/wheat/melamine allergies) but they were among the first to be picked by visiting kids! One little girl picked one for herself & one “for her brother” who was in a pram & not very interested & later I had to tell kids who asked “Can I have a toy” that there were no more.

So! Next year will increase number of toys in the basket!

And I’ve been spending two to four days a week in court, supporting a friend in a court case. We were in the same class for 10 years of school, through all the various streaming & shuffling around which means we’ve known each other for 41 years now!

It doesn’t seem like so much time when you’re living through it, but looking back on it in a lump it’s suddenly terrifying. The bug whizzing around in my head going ‘and what have you done what have you done what have you done with that time’ just goes crazy.

To get away from that bug: 2 very different eating experiences.

1: Heavy meateaters gathering. A friend’s anniversary & a guest chef served up crabmeat cakes, grilled fish, chicken wrapped in bacon, seafood risotto (don’t know what was inside it but it was topped with a layer of dead prawns) & baked raspberry bread.

Someone had made a special salad for me–covered with hardboiled egg whites & soaked in homemade mayo which she had made herself with the egg yolks.

I realise I should define my boundaries more clearly–to myself as well as kind hosts. I don’t call myself vegan because I do eat commercial pastries/biscuits/crepes & there’s dairy & egg & white sugar in all this stuff. But it’s been a long time since I ate naked, undisguised egg. So… do I eat egg as long as I don’t see it? It seems like the easiest thing to do & it’s how I’ve been living but it’s like living on the labour of slaves as long as I don’t see them working/suffering/starving right?

Haven’t resolved this one yet.

Anyway, my salad: there was arugula in it, one of my favourite vegetables. I also found a couple of cherry tomatoes & about three stalks of baby asparagus.

I comforted myself with the thought that I had a packet of almonds & a packet of cashews in the car & reminded myself that I was there for the company & conversation & celebration rather than to eat!

& I designed my fantasy salad: a foundation of boiled potatoes/grilled eggplant/raw avocado or all three (! well, it’s a fantasy); some yellow zucchini/tomatoes/baby spinach/5-angle beans/mung bean sprouts/baby portobello mushrooms for crunch & body; umeboshi/pickled baby onions/grated daikon for zing… & so on.

Which links up with my next eating experience:

2. Deli Vege at South Bridge Road.

The Beaver brought me there for Sunday lunch (the day after the meat heavy meal). He said he’d found it when looking for Absolute Yoga’s other premises. And it was so so so fantastic!!!

The decor is almost aggressively vegan–graffitied on the walls are quotes & photos extolling cruelty-free food & in the menu, in between the items are quotes from triathletes, business people, Paul & Linda McCartney etc on why they’re living meat free. Okay, there was some stuff on health too, & chewing sufficiently etc. Very ayurvedic, except they serve smoothies.

I know–it sounds painfully new age evangelic in words but the food was so fantastic. There’s Japanese, Chinese & Western food. Yes, they have brown rice. Yes, they do have a lot of ‘mock meat’ dishes which normally turns me off but here it felt more like they were playing at creating flavours & textures rather than trying to slavishly reproduce the sensation of chewing dead animals.

It looks like a good place to take someone who’s trying to be vegetarian for moral reasons but afraid of missing meat. I found myself ‘automatically’ moving away from meat when I had been practicing yoga for a couple of years so it didn’t hit me as hard.

But I’m already planning on bringing people there!


2 Responses

  1. Oh wow–no, no roaches around when I was there. Like I said, I really liked it there though meat eaters might initially be put off my the aggressive vegetarian decor!

  2. OH. It looks like Vege Deli have cleaned up their act then. The last time I was there, my family walked out within 5mins. We spotted a cockroach roaming around our table. I totally freaked out!

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