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copy of letter to Sentosa & SPCA

Dear SPCA,
I am forwarding a copy of the email feedback I sent to the Sentosa website. I am worried these turtles are caught & kept by someone meaning to sell them (not sure but think at least 2 may be baby hawksbills which often feed in shallow waters & are endangered)
Thank you,
Ovidia Yu

At Sentosa today I walked up some steps near the Imbiah Station and found myself in a closed down wondergolf facility. What was very troubling is there were glass tanks there with at least 20 sea turtles. Most of the turtles were in tanks barely one & a half times their length & too narrow to turn around in. One tank, with 2 partitions, contained three turtles; one with a badly cracking shell. There was no sign of pumps/filters/other cleaning or feeding equipment and the area looked run down and deserted except for loud Chinese music blaring. These aquatic turtles known to dive deep away from light and heat except when basking were exposed to bright sun from all directions in these tiny tanks. The door marked ‘exit’ was locked and the only way was up the trail and steps I followed. The whole place looks deserted. In contrast to the well cared for creatures in the Underwater World these turtles are being kept in miserable and unnatural conditions. Who is responsible for them? I saw at least one with a white flaking shell.


2 Responses

  1. Hope so too. So far: A Sentosa rep contacted me saying that the closed down Sijori mini-golf is a private area, how did I get in? I explained about the steps & trail (no ‘private’ signposts or gates, then you find yourself in the middle of the courtyard). She said the owner claims all the turtles had been ‘given to him by a friend’. When I pointed out that the tanks were too small to turn around in she said new tanks had been ordered but not arrived.

    SPCA responded saying they’re concerned but the inspector I spoke to said his superiors were informed this was a private property.

    Maybe AVA will be able to get in? But by this time the turtles may have been shipped out for sale as exotic pets or worse!!!

  2. Thanks for speaking up for the poor turtles! I hope they do something about it.

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