James Figueira or Hanoi???

James Figueira is back in Singapore–last I heard he was in Mysore. I really enjoyed practicing with him at YogaShala. The great thing about him is he can make even ashtanga a gentle & even nuturing practice… but without compromising. Yes, he will push you but only when he thinks you’re ready.

The only problem is it’s so difficult to get to YogaShala–literally! Not just the steps up (okay, fit people should have no difficulty there!) but the location. When I’m depending on nice people to drive me to mysore sessions (officially I shouldn’t be driving for another year & half but when my eyes are working I do… only my eyesight like the rest of me has ups & downs) at YogaShala they have to sit around in the hot hawker centre across the road. Or in the little park (really a path between to sets of bushes) where there is one bench if you’re lucky enough to get there before anyone else. And that’s hot too.

At Absolute where I’m going for Hatha Flow & Yin now, there’s Red Palms or Starbucks to sit in. It shouldn’t make a difference but it Really makes getting there easier!

& parking there is easier too. Less pricey than Ngee Ann City (where parking costs come to more than Pure Yoga membership) & lots of space unlike Yan Kit Road (YogaShala).

But I do miss mysore… still, when I get back in balance (in every sense) maybe I’ll be going back with warrior 3 & half moon!

But the reason this came up is, on 25 & 26 October James Figueira is conducting workshops–and so is Hanoi.

Hanoi was a teacher in Pure but left to teach in Thailand. He’s also back & also conducting workshops–exactly same time as James.

& his workshops are in Anusara Yoga which I’ve always been curious about. I can’t seem to find Anusara teachers/studios in Singapore. From what I’ve heard, anusara is also hatha ‘based’ but with much more emphasis on the philosophy of practice & life.

Teachers of Anusara are supposed to exemplify the philosophy (which is much like what we get in ashtanga–yamas, niyamas etc…) in their conduct in & out of class. That feels very different from what I’ve been experiencing so far.

Yes, I’ve been blessed with some wonderful teachers (James & Hanoi among them!) but this always seemed due to the personality of the teacher rather than any yoga philosophy; because some other ashtanga teachers–while very good instructors technically–do carry frustration, angst & petty frictions around with them.

So I don’t know. If I give myself a weekend workshop treat (& I have to think whether I can afford it–$135 a day!) do I sign up for Ashtanga (James) or Anusara (Hanoi)???


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  1. Hi! Didn’t take Anusara at Pure but I loved Bo too! Great spirit & great attitude–he managed to give the feeling he was serious & focused about practice yet still getting a great kick out of it.

  2. Hanoi!

    But that’s my personal choice of course. 🙂

    I was really glad when I found out he’s back in Singapore for the Anusara workshops. But then the Dubai posting makes it impossible for me to attend the workshop.

    If you do decide to sign up for Hanoi’s Anusara classes, I hope you have fun. Bo’s Anusara classes were my introduction to the Anusara practice, and they were the best moments of my time at Pure Yoga.

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