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Climbing Back On Track

Finally. Yes, recovered–more or less, still sniffy but that’s almost ‘normal’ now–but got horribly pulled off track by amigurumi.

For the fortunately uninfected, these are little things with no point to their existence except ‘cuteness’ (rather like little dogs that I still fall for, but that’s another story). You can knit or crochet them & another great thing about them is the instant gratification factor. You can finish one per sitting, unlike a sweater or bag that takes weeks/months/till you no longer want to use the thing.

Rather like switching to writing emo/love poetry after labouring on full length plays/novels!

I was looking up Japanese culture (for the Book) & got sidetracked into ‘just trying’. It looked simple, fun & by a very slight stretch could be considered ‘research’. & a few hundred years ago I knew how to crochet–

But not having a hook stopped me.

Not for long, though. Yes, I’m terribly ‘behind’ on word count but I went down to Spotlight in Plaza Singapura to be disappointed by their hook selection & then to Golden Dragon at People’s Park Centre where I got EVERYTHING I needed.

Ashamed to say all my non-attachment practice seems to have been wasted. I got yarn, hooks, little beady eyes & now even though I only added four pages of ‘useable’ material to the Book, I have a 1 1/2 inch black & white almost-penguin (almost because he’s got cherry lips instead of a beak & waves 2 arms around); a 2″ pink fat eggplant with green double eyelids & a    2″ blue & pink Mochi with black eyelashes!

Today they’ve gone into a bag with the rest of my materials, for “WEEKENDS ONLY” along with plant pruning, worm ball making, cat bathing, cockroach hunting (very fun, actually–my roaches, bred in the compost bin, are ‘clean’ & fed to my turtles) and–yes–reading. Have almost forgotten how to read.

And I can’t read news magazines these days because I don’t want to get worked up about stuff that’s not my business &/or beyond my control & every time I read anything about Sarah Palin I get frustrated/exasperated/incredulous… she comes across like a successful small town school teacher who wants to run the world on a system that worked in her school… ignoring the fact that most Americans don’t live in exclusive white christian classrooms from which the teacher in power can expel any kids (or state troopers) who misbehave!

And her attitude towards us in the rest of the world is even more scary.

But no, not my fight even if the rest of the world will have to re-adjust to what America turns into if she is elected–why why why couldn’t Hillary Clinton have run as Obama’s VP???

Oh yes. Forgot. Not my business.

I am back to 5 times a week practice, finally!

However, have ‘caved’ to my need for group energy & signed on at Absolute Yoga. Yes, I know the whole point (for me at least) was craft a sustainable self practice. But problem is I can’t let go of my perfectionism & that translates into “If I can’t clear 90 min I can’t just get on the mat for 30min” & I’ve lent someone my short forms dvd so I can’t even use dear David Swensen as ‘permission’ to do a short practice any more!

Yes, I did a couple of days of ‘1 hour’ then to closing once the timer sounded, but listening out for the timer was almost as bad as wondering ‘how much time have I got left?’ without the timer on.

It’s still something I’m working towards.

But for now–I was having a post-dentist coffee in Starbucks in Valley Point when I started talking to the chirpy lady next to me in queue about notebooks (paper, not computer) & the lovely little notebook/calendars Starbucks had on their counter (see? My practice is definitely ‘off’ or I wouldn’t be so off-balanced when it comes to all these ) She mentioned she taught yoga at the shala–Absolute Yoga–upstairs. I knew it was there but thought it was all Hot Yoga.

No–they have Vinyasa Flow & Yin as well, both of which complement my primary series nicely. And it’s much more convenient for me to get to from my new place. So–things are falling into place.

Going ‘back’ to classes is definitely helping me recognise & release inner prejudices I didn’t realise I had (You want us to use blocks? Blocks? How Iyengar can you get???) But hey, a block feels good along the spine for a back release stretch. & with a block flat under the front thigh I can do front splits!

There’s also the slightly guilty thrill of doing poses (well, almost-doing poses) from Intermediate & even 3rd series in a vinyasa flow class.

& me suddenly realising that of course it’s allowed!

(Does this mean I have to stop calling myself an Ashtangi?)

5 Responses

  1. matter of taste, julyman… but that gives her “Drill Baby, Drill” chant a whole new terrifying dimension!

    & yes darkorph, majorly late but amigurumis are so so cute–for halloween gave away ‘Spookie’ (ghost with arms & legs) ‘Beautiful Brin’ (pink& purple eggplant with green eyelids & stalk) & ‘Blue Bao’ (shaped like a pow with black eyelashes) among others, all crocheted by yours truly…

    I know–it’s scary. Why should I find them cute?

    & yes too–I’ve been adapting my practice too. I realise what I Like about ashtanga is I’m not tied to an individual teacher’s moods & personality. The practice is what I can focus on. So yes, ashtanga is still my main ‘identity’ (like I’m Christian but practice hindu disciplines & live by Buddhist philosophy & prefer the Malay-Muslim approach to animals over the Chinese ‘how can we eat them’ approach any day!) But hey, I went for 2 hot classes!

  2. Heh, Sarah Palin is still a milf if you know what i mean

  3. I am mildly alarmed that I actually know what’s amigurumi – me, the big teddy bear of undomesticated tough. It comes with having to order hobbies and craft books as part of my job, I guess. 🙂

    Those amigurumi stuff are so awfully cute (you can even knit an army of little ninjas!), so kitschy and great as gifts. That’s why I love the Japanese craft books – they are always way ahead on things like these.

    Curious about your research into Japanese culture. Need help with it? Or at least, some book recommendations?

    Sarah Palin. Actually, because she’s so red-neck, she represent the worst of my fears about this election – that many people actually identify with her enough to vote for her.

    Welcome back to the practice. Doesn’t matter if you can call yourself an Ashtangi or not. What is important is how the blocks contribute to your personal practice.

  4. thanks Kirsten–love you & might be getting to love blocks too!

  5. Glad you’re down to “just” the sniffles, and even more glad that you’re working on ignoring Palin. She does not deserve this world stage she’s been placed on. Not many do, I suppose, but she less than most.

    I love, love, love using a block in bridge pose! Not having a very bendy back, it’s what really convinced me that blocks are A Good Idea. Besides, using one practically turns the pose into a relaxing one instead of an effort-full one.

    Call yourself whatever you want. That’s the privilege and power of naming ourselves.

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