Feeling very off yesterday. Didn’t walk dogs & didn’t write at all. (Practice? Got as far as thinking about it, but…)

Lounged around most of the day trying to work/write & ended up shifting furniture till positions & flow felt better.

Had a long phone call with M that seemed like just chatting/gossip/catching up at the time but realized later it cleared some major major stuff for me.
Good sleep after was probably due to that!

Woke this morning feeling great and ready for anything–to sms that JBJ is dead. At age 82, of heart failure.

Joshua Benjamin Jeyaretnam was a man of great energy & intellect & he lived by his principles. In his 80’s he had more gung-ho than many of us half his age. Some/many will question the wisdom of his actions but he took on what he believed had to be done, lived with the consequences & remained focused till the end.

Even those who did not share his views or agree with his methods can see that though he may not have lived a safe conventional life, he was no ordinary–in fact a notable & noble–man.


2 Responses

  1. Agree totally.

    Except I’m trying not to feel sorry for him but go with feeling respect. He chose his path with his eyes open & he stuck to it with dignity.

    Between the PAP & the WP (or the new party he was setting up) I would still put my faith in the PAP because right now they have stable structure, system & people.
    But I believe JBJ provided necessary ballast. This man has affected all our lives in ways we’ll probably never be aware of.

    Have a good holiday!

  2. JBJ passed away? What news to wake up to this lazy Dubai morning. (Dubai is 4 hours behind Singapore)

    I remember how much of a spitfire he was in the early days – when I was still a child and politics was simpler.

    I remember feeling sorry for him with the lawsuit, the bankruptcy etc. How The Powers That Be tried to crush him.

    With his education and his mind, he could have had a glorious career. But he chose politics, and he chose an antagonistic position against The Powers That Be. That takes balls of steel – and it crushed him. I remember feeling sorry for him, and JBJ’s example always set me wondering about the price of going against The Establishment.

    But we also need more people like him. Is there anyone in our generation that has the defiance of JBJ? I really don’t know.

    Okay…it’s the Eid public holiday over here in Dubai. So, you have fun with writing and shifting of the furniture.

    At least you have furniture. 🙂

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