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F1 Singapore

Yes am incredibly busy but made the mistake of looking at the ST over my granola & spent the rest of my breakfast typing out this letter.

My response to article by News Editor Carl Skadian Pride in F1 race missing

Dear Carl,

I respect your writing so please don’t consider this hate mail–

People I meet in & out of the city are polite to show ‘disinterest’ in the upcoming F1. In less guarded/more candid moments the response is more likely disgust/disapproval/ridicule.

Plus I doubt the F1 ‘fever’ you feel in town is for the F1–most people are more interested in working out road closure times & boundaries.

Personally I think it is ridiculous. None of the engines/tires/skills being touted were designed/tested or will remain here.

We don’t want to be a Singapore that imports foreign money, foreign cars, foreign drivers, foreign mechanics to pollute, inconvenience & turn us into lackeys. As for the global spotlight, it’s only going to make us look ridiculous. While the rest of the world is moving towards conservation & green conscience our idea of being internationally ‘hip’ is to try to be a slavishly unimaginative copy of Monaco of the past with race cars & casinos–what next… doll Ho Ching up as Grace Kelly?
The main reason why glamorous money is drawn to Monaco is residents pay no income tax, not the F1.

The Olympics and World Cup are sports events (yes of course there’s betting–like the F1–but they are primarily sports events). They may wake up our physical aspirations & point us to possibilities.

The most likely result of having the F1 here, long after it’s forgotten by so 50 million viewers (who will be looking at the cars rather than what they can see of Singapore through the protective barriers), is our mid-life crisis guys heading for ‘big names like Ferrari’ and more accidents caused by illegal night racing.

No, there will be no ‘swell of pride’ re F1. I am very proud of being Singaporean. I am proud of very many things we have achieved and stand for. When it comes to F1 all I feel is a swell of nausea.


Ovidia Yu

Who cares about our planet/climate/greening Singapore? Everything said was obviously toe licking PR. Now we’re licking F1 toes to the energy cost of:

Total Power 3,180,000 watt (1,600 light projectors with a total power requirement of 3,180,000 watts)
Track Projectors 1, 485 @ 2,000 watt each
Power Generators 12 pairs (with back-up)
Aluminium Truss 6,282m
Steel Pylons 240
Power Cables 108, 423m

all this to show we are a great modern fast liberal city that can’t afford to give domestic maids a day off once a week (or even once a month) or house foreign workers in decent facilities.


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