Unspectacular Me Meme

Thanks to Damyanti I’m trying my first meme… because it looks simple enough & (like her) I would like to write something/anything daily.

(I can probably hit my target for this week on the novel, I want to write down my thoughts on Haruki Murakami’s What I Talk About When I Talk About Writing, I should send in my proposal for my biennale blog piece but this is much simpler, really…)

All I have to do is list 6 unspectacular things about me:

(quash automatic temptation to get sidetracked into discussing ‘spectacular’, perspectives, ‘things’ & ‘6’–eg does a pair of unspectacular eyes count as 1 or 2 things?)

1. I walk around (bedroom, practice area, living room, kitchen) when brushing my teeth.

2. I like nuts.

3. I feel like I should eat more quinoa (opened package in fridge)

4. I work on the computer sitting cross-legged.

5. I wore out a pair of jeans a couple of days back. A finger I rubbed over the right side of me bum frayed right through to me knickers, a 2 inch rip; curious I scratched the other side & made it through to underwear, but less than an inch wide.

6. I probably sit heavier on my right than left bum cheek.

Have already been told I wash those jeans too often, that I wash them too seldom, that I wear them too often… last point probably most accurate. With only 1 pair of jeans I do wear them everywhere I can’t wear sweatpants/yoga pants to.

And Ms Gorgeous–you know (who) you are!–forbidding my wearing of yoga pants to theatre/social outings just added to their stress!

But bought a new pair in time for yesterday’s meeting & now have to decide whether to follow the wash/don’t wash route!

Ah yes, my meme tags: Kirsten, Poppalina (your computer HAS to recover sooner or later!), DarkOrph (if you can find anything unspectacular during yr spectacular dubai sojourn), Spidermonkey (‘unspectacular’ photos if that’s possible?) and dear Yogamum of course! (only if you have time–but hope so hope so hope so!)


7 Responses

  1. hi darkorph–don’t worry about the meme–suspect everything in yr life is spectacular right now!

    so good to hear from you in dubai. & thank you for the note on breaking fast too. good reminder.

  2. Oops, will do the meme as soon as I get full internet access. Which isn’t happening anytime soon. 😦

  3. Lots of unspectacular stuff in Dubai. It’s not the city of the future like people think it is. Everything is about BIGGER, TALLER, — but not necessarily better.

    Alots of money, but a lot of it wasted on friviolous pursuits.

    But there are some moments that can be moving – like learning one of my new supplier has an open invitation to anyone and everyone to come break fast with them during Ramadan. It’s a genuine free-for-all invitation. Because part of the reason for the Ramadan fast is to remind ourselves of those who are starving. In the midst of our own temporary hunger, to remember those for whom hunger is not a choice.

    To find a very real example of generosity in the midst of all the gaudy consumerism can be wonderful.

    But it’s still unspectacularly HOT over here in Dubai.

  4. Thank you, I shall put it on my ‘to do’ list.

  5. […] 18, 2008 by Kirsten Ovidia tagged me for this, and it’s pretty easy to think of six (only six?) unspectacular things […]

  6. Hmmm…I do 1 and 4 too, but will try to think of other unspectacular things for my own list. It’ll be soooo hard! 😉

  7. “I want to write down my thoughts on Haruki Murakami’s What I Talk About When I Talk About Writing, …”

    Could you put that on priority please, dying to get my hands on that one, but cant find it in KL.

    lol…your jeans made me laugh….I had the same thing happen to a pair last year, but way down below my thighs, so I’m still wearing them as shorts at home:)

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