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First Month

Today isn’t just a moon day–it’s also exactly a month since I moved in here & this afternoon my antique cupboards got delivered–the last of the ‘big’ items!

These are chinese medicine shelves that came from my grandfather’s house before it got pulled down. They weren’t his–he was an engineer–but his dad’s.

I had them in the old apartment but they were not in very good shape, so they made a detour to an antiques restorer before coming here. Even the guy there said they were good pieces–all solid wood & no nails but crafted to slot into place.
Good to have them back!

No, they’re not going to be display shelves–they’ll be holding my dried pasta, beans, tinned tomatoes etc.

I feel like I’m really settled in here now. I’ve been getting back to practice & on days I really can’t seem to get focused I’ve been going to the ‘gym’ to walk on the treadmill/row without water.

(advantage of succumbing to condo appeal!)

Other reasons I’m glad to be here in this piece of air space I own–
1. David Foster Wallace is dead &
2. Lehman Brothers is dying…

Given the share/stock havoc that’s coming from (2) it’s good to own something like solid space even if it’s got a 99-year lease attached.

And from (1)–I don’t know what to say. He was so funny, so profound, so bizarre, so informative… & he was my age. A great (sometimes in bulk rather than quality) writer living in this day & achieving this.

No, I wasn’t jealous of his writing. I didn’t want to write like him. And when I wasn’t being pretentious I found it easier to read his non-fiction than fiction. But once he wrote his powerful absurd collages of American life (sexual freedom? ego gratification? feral hamsters ?) he opened up possibilities for all the rest of us too.

I’m not a great writer like he was. But I’m alive & my animals & plants (little rose in a pot is blooming again) have mostly settled down (so have I… yes, I now have a someone to go out to shows & in to dinner with!)
I walked dogs today–after sun salutations.
I painted tee-shirts.
I ordered a whaleshark tee to help protest Sentosa’s plan to enclose whalesharks caught in the wild for display. (more on that later… really quite upsetting. 2 whalesharks died in aquariums last year–they’re not endangered enough to require captive breeding. It’s known they die without sufficient space & no contained aquarium can provide sufficient space–it sounds like the Sentosa people just want something striking for show & don’t care the creature will die in under a year.)

Sorry, got sidetracked.
I am sorry David Foster Wallace is dead. I thought writing about modern absurdities could be enough catharsis to allow you to go on living. Apparently not in his case.

I don’t see like he did & can’t write like he did but I’m alive & will do what I can with this.

2 Responses

  1. So glad to hear that Kirsten–totally agree about feeling grateful… & blessed & happy & treasured &- &- &-!

  2. Isn’t it nice having a someone? Even though my life’s all up in the air because of job hunting, a someone has come into my life recently and I find myself being nothing but grateful.

    So very, very sad to hear about DFW. Such a loss.

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