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Turtle Bite

No, it’s not the first time I’ve been bitten by one of my turtle boys, but this time it looks worse (last bite was on a finger & yes, it bloody hurt–like the rotten little reptile was trying to bite off the tip).

This time it was Porthos climbing out of the tank & getting himself wedged in the flower pots. I picked him up & made the mistake of letting him come within range of me (honestly, when you’re balancing on a stool, leaning into a trench & scooping out a savage turtle it’s hard to tell which is the dangerous end)

He bit me right through the yoga pants I was wearing–and hung on for dear life as I tried to tug him off while standing on that one leg (small stool)–

& now I’ve got a central bleeding spot, and around it the bruise & reaction is swollen up red with a three inch diameter.

I have to re-design their swim tank & feeding tank & walk area.

Yes, did my yoga this morning.
Yes, dropped in to the gym.
Yes, am still walking.

More pissed at reptiles than hurt.


8 Responses

  1. i know i know i know spidermonkey… they have very nice L-shaped tanks with shelter & sunning spots but obviously it’s not enough where they’re concerned!

    & yes, darkorph–the other is Athos & I have a little plastic turtle that sits on the shelf above called d’artagnan. fits too that my porthos is big & blunders into things (& plants & people) has a big appetite (for food at least!)

    how’s the middle east? haven’t had time to catch up with your blog in a while but will nip over once I’ve posted here!

  2. wwahhllaauuu…. yes. time to reorganize turtle living quarters. goodness! hope your bruises are healing up nicely. try aloe vera gel.

  3. Sorry about the bite. It’s not just a nib, is it? It’s a full-blown BITE.

    The book-geek in me though, is laughing at the fact that you name your turtle after one of the Three Musketeers.

  4. at least you’re organised enough to get to class during the week, annie! I think about the travel time both ways… & i can’t. at least not right now.

    yes dear damy, feeling much better down there. only leg seems to have got swollen right down to the ankle. doing gentle practice, hoping to get lymph flushing!!

  5. hope that bite feels better soon.

  6. Ouch.

    Admire the yoga dedication. I am not to the point of getting up and doing it. though I go to class during the week.

  7. Oh dear. I didnt know harmless looking turtle can bite n hurt so bad. Take care.

  8. Oh dear. I didnt know those harmless looking turtlescould bite n hurt so bad. Take care.

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