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Getting Settled

Moved work desk around (yet again) & shifted several plants (heavy!) before breakfast this morning & found I transported several tea cups minus matching saucers (with hand painted cats on them–that’s why I want them, not because I drink tea so elegantly) but otherwise have pretty much settled down here.

Saw Reservoir at 72-13 last night. Loved the set & lighting but not sure why a lot of the stuff on stage was happening. Not sure about the title either. ‘Reservoir’ suggests (to me anyway)
1) the physical reservoir in whose catchment area the shrine is located
2) a supply, reserve or stock of something–given the nature of this shrine (me again) assumed it would be memories of war/ability of nature & humans to literally grow over past pain etc.

But–it felt more like a group of schoolkids presenting a multimedia report on a history field trip.
Yes, there were interesting engaging bits. And yes, yes–it could have been a fascinating piece.
But the piece felt like it’s in the middle of being developed & hasn’t decided where it’s going yet.

If you’re thinking of visiting this show, let me just mention that though this piece meanders around Syonan Shinto shrine, one of the 3 shrines set up here during the Japanese Occupation, they do not mention its design was based on the infamous Yasukuni Shrine probably because they decided to avoid dealing with the war (said the director during Q & A, in this work based on a war shrine).

I’ve already posted elsewhere what I think of the Yasukuni & don’t want to spit bitter bile in my nice new apartment so…

Note: The shrine did not fall apart over the years–it was demolished after the Japanese surrender.


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