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Moving Fun & Confusion…

Okay, moving can actually be fun–a massive confusion of stuff.
In no particular order…

This morning went to say goodbye to night security guard & found what seemed to be a stunned kingfisher on the driveway. Blue & purplish tinged grey, it just sat there & we wondered whether it was a baby fallen out of the nest (suggestion by a passing driver) though it looked fully feathered & wherever kingfishers nest I don’t think it’s in condo carparks. Anyway, nice passing driver picked it up & perched it on a branch on the ‘green verge’ next to the construction site as the guard talked about ‘bird can give you bird flu’ and ‘so much pollution bird want to fly from Indonesia fly into haze get lost also’

Looking to buy gloves for moving fridge & freezer contents (scrubbed out compartments yesterday & hands almost froze) & found the Cold Storage at the corner only stocks L & XL sizes… also no workman/riding school type cotton workman gloves.
So I’ll be flopping around in L size…

& thinking it’s a pity I can turn latex gloves into safe sex aids but not vice versa–cos I’ve been finding stashes of the latter in the strangest places (stationary drawer, fish tank storage compartment, spare keys drawer…)

Missed Swordfish & Concubine though I had tickets for 2 nights!!! Very frustrating. I just couldn’t find the tickets.
But yes, they turned up after the show–

Saw Tony T last night at Yisheng’s Raffles & he said next time call them & not Sistic. But I wanted to do my little bit to contribute by buying tickets instead of coasting on a freebie!

Next time though–I’ll buy tickets once & then beg if I miss it…

And yes, I liked the Last Temptation of Stamford Raffles very much! It was light years better than what I saw at the reading. The flower was lovely–sprouting English traditional speechisms in Singlish enunciation & I totally fell for the staging (wayang kulit incorporated into his memory/fantasy scenes)
And all this even though I was so so tired & getting a headache before going in.

Saw Yish before the show looking subdued & earnest (for once!). He’s actually incredibly talented writing & concept wise & manages to get things down & out (with good connotations) & best of all takes risks. If I was twenty years younger I would probably be madly jealous of him!!

But I have my own ‘problems’… have been:

*Marking scripts on a straw mat on the floor while telling people where to lay trunking & finding out that the fishtank washer may be on wrong (they installed the washer outside instead of inside the filter lead. Coming back tonight after 7pm to check)

*Sending out writing workshop precise & synopsis on SMS (yes!) because I couldn’t get email to work

*Ditto with ref & praise letters (NUS assessment time coming up)

*Outlining next week’s interview on the back of Times Jumbo Crossword (can’t find rough paper/note pads)

*Trying to rescue unhappy moved plants from what looks like white mite infection (without using pesticides)

*Softening move trauma for cats, worms, turtles & fish by keeping old place for 2 weeks so they can go over in stages after the boxes & electronic stuff has gone.

*Scraping down & repainting vegetable stand so my chye sim & carrots (working veggies) can go out back with morning sun instead of having to live on the balcony with the pretty pretty plants.

*Must remember I have a Green Circle delivery (organic veggies) on Friday at the new place & I need to bring over & return their old tray… also ‘I Am Queen’ that night (ticket in my wallet ticket in my wallet ticket in my wallet) & Constance Singham talk on Saturday evening…

If I live through this I will go back to daily practice. I’ve been getting back on 5 A’s 5 B’s sometimes backbends & closing for the past week. But in the new flat I have a dedicated yoga space with an ‘altar’ table where I can rotate plants & my prayer frogs… so lets hope for the best!!

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