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Assorted Stressings/Blessings

Stressed: Didn’t submit vegetarian request in time & ended up with prawn cocktail & roast chicken at formal dinner in hall last night. Hungry from missing lunch, I ate some of both (figuring they were already dead & if uneaten would have died even more pointlessly than most). Found everything extremely salty–think it’s a result of preparing most of my own meals is restaurant/catered food. My salt calibration has shifted.

Blessed: Was dithering between boardroom & dining hall (was early for once, but not sure about pre dinner drinks) & this sweet girl walking by told me we should go straight to the dining hall, “At least that’s what they told me” I asked if she was JCRC (thought they might have been posted to round up lost people) and she laughed & said “Oh no. I’m a freshman”
I found it such a spontaneously helpful & friendly gesture, especially from a freshman–& good portent for the coming year!

Last night students & recent graduands were all dressed their best (first formal dinner of term) in the newly renovated hall with much improved acoustics–listening to the list of previous achievements makes the future look good.

Stressed: window handle came off. Some newly shifted/transplanted plants seem to be dying. Pink bike, chained downstairs, got drenched by water swept over corridors by cleaners.
Blessed: window should be fixed tomorrow 4 pm. Most of the plants are surviving, even perking up. The choy sum are ready for plucking, will probably eat them for dinner tonight. Pink Bike will survive. Window uv coatings are done. Painting is done. New AV shelving delivered & assembled.

Stressed: Big move (bed, fridge, washing machine & dryer, bookcases, computer table) scheduled for Monday.
Blessed: Big move (bed, fridge, washing machine & dryer, bookcases, computer table) scheduled for Monday.

Stressed: People writing to suggest abortion be made illegal (instead of changing the social conditions that make this necessary they want to criminalize the act. If there was more information about & access to contraception. If there was more assistance for single & lower income group mothers & families–not just talking about maternity days off for smugly reproducing middle class mums who refuse their maids time off–(sorry, that was a rant) if adoption was promoted & the stigma of illegitimacy demoted & non-conventional families recognised… maybe the abortion rate would spontaneously decrease.
Blessed: These people are just writing letters, hope they realise soon they are being pro-birth rather than pro-life. I don’t like the idea of killing babies any more than the next person. But I don’t like the idea of unwanted children being forced into families that can’t afford them either.

Stressed: RI swept both boys & girls swimming awards. What’s happening??!!??
Blessed: It’s only swimming. It’s only temporary.

Stressed: Started novel over yet again.
Blessed: I can keep all the ‘old’ structures & plot. Just using a new voice. And so far I feel comfortable with this one all the way through. It’s less forced, more mature. Like I had to go through the earlier (4, 5, 6) drafts to ‘click’ into this register.

Stressed: Still haven’t finished transcribing plays.
Blessed: Have reached ‘Love Calls’ & Ruby’s offered to provide a typist if I really need her. But realised I’m enjoying revisiting my words from the past.

Stressed: Missing most of the Indignation events this year.
Blessed: Made it to the launch (where I caught up people some who I haven’t seen since last year’s Indignation) & I hope to get to the Pink Picnic… last year I didn’t mean to attend the event till it got banned. And it was fun. This year I won’t wait for some Law Professor to arm twist the National Parks Board into banning friends & families from the beautiful Botanic Gardens!

3 Responses

  1. Hey, you’re moving–that excuses all sorts of things! 😉

  2. so far 2 (plants) starting to look sad & scared but have trimmed down & am keeping my fingers crossed!!

    & hi Kirsten, sorry haven’t been keeping in touch!

  3. I seem to loose one plant per move, no matter what steps I take to protect and nurture them through. Cest la vie. Hope the big part of the move goes smoothly!

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