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New Pink (!) Bike

Thank you, sweet sweet friends for my new bike! I really love it!!

For those not in on it, new bike is pink (my first pink bike)
A lady bike (my first lady bike)
And has a grey (very functional colour, that) in front of it (my first attached basket)

Actually it looks a lot like the bike Ross gave Phoebe on one episode of Friends so I guess it’s pretty appropriate!

And yes, I do love it. It’s going to be terribly useful to street ride to West Coast Plaza (formerly Ginza Plaza) once it reopens & I can get over to Eusoff on it, though I don’t know if I dare risk the slopes without gears… but yes, I’ll try it!

I’m just not sure do I need a new helmet–my silver & red one clashes with the pink… so what, right? But I’m not sure I should be wearing a helmet on this bike.

I should be going with a straw sunhat stuck with flowers or something & carry baguettes sticking out of my front basket (something terribly twisted in my mind. Even a sentence like that triggers censor sensors in my inner ear) & probably in a pink floral dress.

But since I don’t own any of these things that’s not going to happen & I’ll be looking like myself–just on a pink bike.

Half moved in to new place now. Spent most of today clipping green mesh to railings (so cats don’t slide through & fall down) interspersed with editing a friend’s police statement (just pointing out messy over explaining & gaps) on email & sms because though I can open emails here I can’t send them out.

I’m going to hang (light) pots of creepers & climbers on the railings next & hope they create a privacy wall that allows air & chi through while blocking some of the construction dust.

The construction workers too, I guess. Though so far they’ve been nice. They stopped to watch my acrobatics with the twine, cutter, cable ties & poles (to stabilize the horizontal & hang more pots from) & gave me the thumbs up when I finished.

But yes, a little privacy would be nice…

If the plants take okay along the waist high horizontal railing I’m adding a couple of vertical bamboos so some parts of it extend above my height & I can grow stuff like morning glory & tomatoes (yes, dreaming on!)

Meanwhile–I’ve got a shower that doesn’t work, a toilet that doesn’t flush, walls to paint, a new fishtank to transfer & 3 more plays to transcribe.

& Dead Rites may be on at the Youth Festival next year (hope so hope so hope so–would love to see what the kids make of it!)

When was my last practice?
Opening & standing sequence, assorted seated asanas, backbends & closing… yesterday
Full Primary with attempts at drop backs & experiments with Intermediate… lost in the mists of time


2 Responses

  1. Congrats on the new bike and the new house! Are you throwing a housewarming party any time soon? 🙂

  2. Sounds like a lovely bike! Your plans for the porch also sound good — like a living wall. Very nice.

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