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My Bike’s been stolen!

And I realise my automatic response is (!?) guilt. Like it’s my fault for only using a combination lock & chain. Or my fault for chaining it to the railing below my staircase along with the other bikes… of course I must be responsible in some way because the other bikes weren’t taken!

But it’s not my fault. It was a good bike, though not new. Cost about $600+ four years ago.

And I should appreciate the fact that it’s a ‘recreational’ bike, used for short grocery trips & exercise–rather than a ‘working’ bike that would cripple my lifestyle/income with its disappearance.

And as one guy said, ‘everybody gets a bike stolen once in their lives. I found mine gone after a long train ride, in the middle of the night and I had to walk all the way back to college, exhausted from the day, in the cold…’

Compared to that I can’t complain I guess. All I did was walk down from my apartment & freak out… then check all the other bikes just in case it managed to relocate itself.

But yes (attempt at yogic response) I hope it’s gone to someone who needs it more than I do.

If you were desperate enough to steal my bicycle it probably means you do (the good thing about losing a bicycle rather than a child or pet is, whoever took it probably wasn’t some pervert or sexual predator & the risk definitely isn’t worth any possible ransom) so I ‘give’ you my bike with my blessings. May you ride it safely and well and may it serve you as well as it has served me.

(& some day, perhaps you too will know the ‘joy’ of involuntary giving when something you use is taken from you)

5 Responses

  1. Hi damyantig… okay, admittedly I was pretty ‘unprintable’ at first–but it was like part of me was standing outside watching me being upset/angry over losing a bike (I mean there are bombs going off and other people are literally losing life & limb) & caught myself.

    As for the bike of my dreams, see next post…

  2. I hated it when my cell phone got stolen, and my reaction was nowhere as yogic as yours!

    Hope you get the bike of your dreams soon!

  3. The bike shop sounds like a good find. There’s something like a silver lining here. 🙂

    Happy riding!

  4. hi Kirsten, actually great thing: exploring area around new apt yesterday, found a bike shop called passi:one: & Daniel who runs it both does bike fittings & had resale bikes! Big plus, passi:one: knows the area & does organised rides!

    so yes–looks like replacing it won’t be a problem
    (& yes, Darkorph, looks like perhaps it’s time for a new bike!)

  5. Oh, no! It’s such a shock to discover something missing like that. Hope you’re able to replace it easily.

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