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Moving into a (prob) temporary apartment–thanks to Yvonne, Esther & assorted others I have a great lighting system… & no gas supply or fridge. What’s good is I can get pretty focused on transcribing scripts while waiting for people to come turn things on for me.

But found an Indian cafe nearby with a separate vegetarian menu so I’ll survive.

Also saw Hell Boy 2, read Tyler Cowen (first time in a long time I’ve read a book cover to cover in one day! Liked certain points he made–we should expose ourselves to art more, not avoid books because we can’t read them cover to cover, nor movies, nor museums… by limiting intake frame we can actually absorb more without being overwhelmed & frozen), destroyed more of my eyesight playing Lumines on PSP, only practiced abbreviated primay series, worked on no practice excuses: Fri was moon day, doesn’t count. Sat is off day in Mysore, doesn’t count. Sun is a day of rest, doesn’t count…

& in an attempt to survive have gone back to swimming.
I find that practising ashtanga in the evenings (now about the only time I have free) gets me too wound up to sleep, but swimming laps is very calming, almost meditative. I can’t gauge by heat & sweat how I’m doing but after about 45 min I get really, really thirsty so I figure that counts as a work out!

But yes, I must get back to practice.


4 Responses

  1. hi annie–yes! I used to feel too guilty to skip through (brought up Methodist–we’re systematic!) but then after reading him I realised–yes! better to skim & get what I can than not read at all!

  2. Tyler Cowen of Marginal Revolution? I haven’t read him in a while. He is right about reading cover to cover, especially non-fic. I often chapter jump. It’s freeing.

  3. Hi Kirsten! Actually I may not have mentioned it… funny–I feel like I must have because it’s at the forefront but no… haven’t mentioned it.

    I love swimming too!!!!!!

  4. Did I just totally miss that you were moving, or did it not get mentioned here? Anyway, hope all the connections get set up soonly.

    I looove swimming! Unfortunately, the local pool is open really weird hours and so I never make it for lap swim. So jealous.

    What did you think of HellBoy2?

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