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Tired Tired Tired

But Green Circle delivering organic veggies has been a lifesaver!

No more court till (prob) Sept.

It’s amazing how I feel physically exhausted just from sitting still all day, yet under the surface there’s this seething energy that wants to shout & scream & pick fights with people.

Was trying to step back & observe myself & realise that yes, I’m looking for someone/something to get angry with! Just to release pent up frustration?

But it’s also feeling the futility of everything. Court trials seem like such a gross waste of time & money. & that links on to everything feeling pointless.

Yes, I think I helped some–found some sort-of relevant documents & did running around to pick up stuff etc etc so yes–of course I’ll be there to the end.

2 crazy things that helped:
1) playing luminous on psp
2) watching Leslie Feist sing/count to 4 on sesame street! (thanks darkorph!)

have turned down a (paying) writing job/play that sounds like would have been both fun & challenging (but I’m already sleeping at my minimum, when would I do it???) & have agreed to 2 judging gigs (that I’ll be doing for free)
Is that a good thing or are my priorities off???

Anyway, have also been using all my spare moments to transcribe old scripts for the book… surprised to find Breastissues & Playing Mothers not as bad as I dreaded!


4 Responses

  1. Savasana is ‘easy’ but practicing savasana is hard…

    Yes, I will. Thank you for the reminder!

    Do keep us posted on how you’re doing okay? & if you need stuff posted in…

  2. Was going to ask about the Green Circle delivering organic veggies to your doorsteps – then I remember by mid August I’m not going to be around to enjoy it. Oh well.

    Hope you rest well – and sleep more! My friends who don’t practice yoga think savasana is the easiest part of the practice. How to explain, that often in life, it is the hardest to practice.

  3. oh yes–plus I still can’t get over how truly fresh the veggies are when they first get here!

  4. ohhh I love my organic fruit & veg box each fortnight, it has made me eat SO much better : )

    yum x

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