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Nothing to ‘Fess up this Friday

Because the novel hasn’t been touched…

Alright, I put in about 900 + words but it looks better to say ‘nothing.

But–top priority now is re-typing the plays for the book. Some of the plays were written in the pre-comp days, or at least I didn’t keep digital copies.
& I figured, if they’re going to be re-typed it might as well be by me. After all, I know these pieces better than anyone else could…

(well, it seemed like a good idea at the time)

I’m halfway through Playing Mothers right now… didn’t realise it would be so slow!
Still, every line is a line closer to the book being finished.
And I’ve decided on the title Hitting On Fat Virgins in Trees: plays by Ovidia Yu

& I spent my two days in court (& signed up for 2 more days next week)

Have discovered that yes, it’s still possible to get up at 6 am, do a full practice, shower, breakfast & get to High Court by 10 am!
But sitting there all day is really really tiring. I don’t know how lawyers do it. (more respect–) Don’t know about the long term effects, though. Already talked to 2 lawyers who have problems sleeping. At least one does–the other thinks it’s normal to be running on 3 hours sleep/night.

And I haven’t done any reading.

But I’ve:
Agreed to judge next 24 hr competition
Given permission for a school to perform Breastissues next year
Bought my ticket (finally) for Verena’s show–just in time to catch the early bird discount
Read & corrected (beautifully written, only 1 correction, actually) a computer co proposal

& somehow maintained feeding/water-changing schedules at home.

To round out this pathetic ‘Fess up week, will post my story ‘Abomination of the Blue Hibiscus’ here. It just came out on ReadTheseLips vol 2 but some people (you know who you are!) don’t want to download the whole e-mag.

Maybe after this ‘taster’ you’ll think about it?

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