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Exhausting–but rewarding–days

Today: doubled up ‘shifts’ at SPCA. Because the morning shelter phone volunteer didn’t show up I did the morning calls after doggie walking. Actually doggie jogging was more what I did with dear little Donut. I think my normal pace is too slow for her so she gets ‘jumpy’ & wants to play. But when I jog instead she trots along with her ears flying behind her & seems to have a great time. And had a good time walking Hunter who is little more than a puppy. So great watching him suddenly discover that things outside have different smells!

Still, it was exhausting. & taking calls from people who have lost pets is heartbreaking. One man came down in person because he has been looking for his chihuahua since Sat midnight. At night he walks around the area it disappeared & during the day he tracks down possible leads.

But yes–we may have re-united a missing dog owner (‘one eye blind’) with the woman who found it (‘something wrong with its right eye) and is ‘fostering’ it. And one sweet guy who took a kitten home on Sat decided that he wants to bring home the kitten’s sibling too, so they will have each other to play with!
And met a sweet first time volunteer who came in to take the afternoon phone shift–briefed her very clumsily (seeing how little I know) but she had a stack of notes & I suspect will do much better than I did!

The weekend was heavy too. Enjoyed the Singapore Youth Awards (they let me drive into the Istana for the first time! Normally it’s a park at Plaza S & walk to the shuttle thing!!!) & I met Elim Chew again after what seems like 10 or more years. Roberta was there too, back from Glasgow & I found they know each other pretty well. Elim’s very impressive–not just building up her own business but helping young people to do the same on the ‘teach them to fish’ principle. Very very awed by her energy. I know I couldn’t do the same. But I can figure out what I can do & contribute that!

And… set up a new pump for the second turtle tank, did some heavy veggie (though not organic) cooking… & spurred on by the difficulty of going out of my way to find organic veggies, have made my first ‘delivery’ order–it’ll be arriving on Friday, hopefully a week’s supply of safe edibles!

And yes, did 600++ words of writing. Not the full thousand but given how many things have been going on…

Now I really have to catch up on long neglected reading!

5 Responses

  1. Well, at 34 I’ve pretty much made up my mind about the little boogers. Absolutely adore being the crazy auntie, but the best thing about my niece and nephew is being able to give them back!

    And yeah, it felt pretty good to have them ask whether I’d consider the PhD; especially since they’re two of the more research-minded faculty at my school.

  2. haha–you’ve still got quite a few years to change your mind re k**s!

    Sounds like TWO of your profs have a pretty high opinion of your abilities–they want you specialising in their fields!

  3. Have I mentioned that two of my profs encouraged me to get a PhD? Oy. Want to get a few years’ professional experience before even starting to think about that….

    No kids. Please, g_d, no kids.

  4. but after that there may be the next degree & the next… 🙂

    & then you may be producing kids & coaching them for their exams…

    Sorry, I mean–great to hear from you again, Kirsten–at least this round is over!!!

  5. Sounds like a good few days. Am looking forward to finishing this degree so that I can do some volunteer work and other “have a life” sorts of things.

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