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John Scott Day 2-Evening

Just back from the evening session & doing a blog post to unwind (also, must admit, with a yam bun & wasabi rice crackers…)

Things that struck me today:
1. How easily John Scott puts his palms on the ground and unwinds into a verticle handstand. I wanna wanna wanna do that!!!

2. The straight spine & uddiyana bandha control. He’s been practising it, on & off the mat (all the time unless lying on his back) for 22 years and now it is his relaxed state. If he wants to push out his stomach that’s what takes effort.
Like doing handstand, it is when you are lined up ‘straight’ that it takes least effort to hold yourself up. So I want to cultivate this habit too–for less muscle effort & more balance.

3. Adding extra counts to vinyasa breaths rather than adding extra breaths.

4. When you jump through to sitting in between asanas, you should keep the ‘intention’ & be moving towards the next asana. To sit & relax with an ‘in between break’ actually takes more energy. Like a car that drives a continuous long stretch uses fuel more economically than one that does stop-start-stop-starts in a jam.

5. Appreciating the fact that there were only 6 students per session. As one of the other guys said tonight about another workshop (which I won’t name cos I like the guy who conducted) “So crowded it was. 40 people in the room at least. Can’t see. Can’t move. All the time worrying my wallet is where.
Working with us in batches of 6 must have been a lot more strenuous for the instructor but we did get feed back & advice tailored specifically to each of us.

I’m a bit peeved/pissed off with the front desk people at True Spa (Level 16 Ngee Ann City Tower A). Today I had a great massage (& yes, the masseuses/masseurs there are great) & asked to book a session for 2 of us tomorrow.

The front desk girl (‘Mariah’ I think) said–without checking anything “Tomorrow’s all full”

Okay, I thought: they’re full.

But a friend of mine phoned later–& got through to someone else who said “No problem” & got us both bookings at 1.45, she (the woman on the phone) said “mornings & afternoons usually can”.

What is so irritating about the counter staff is, she didn’t check, didn’t refer me to someone else, just said “All full”

This isn’t just bad for us would-be customers, right… it must be pretty bad for the company too, to have potential clients turned away because drone on duty doesn’t want to make a booking?

Anyway, got that off my chest.

It’s Day 2 of WoYoPracMo and so far I haven’t fallen off the wagon!

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