John & Lucy Scott, continued

Day 1 Evening & Day 2 Morning

Day 1 evening session was incredible. JS went back to the foundations of our practice & I realised I haven’t been practising ‘yoga’ all along–just playing around with moves & breaths.

No, it isn’t enough to follow through with ‘inhale/exhale’ as I’ve been doing/trying to do.

There are actually ‘set’ breaths that I’ve been getting all ‘wrong’!

eg something as basic as utthita trikonasana.

What I’ve been doing with my own old in-out-in-out practice was ‘inhale 1–step to the right. exhale 2… well, pause. inhale 3–check foot positions & lengthen. exhale 4–grab toe & look at other hand. Count 5 breaths. Inhale 5–to standing. Exhale 6–pause & watch the grass grow. Inhale 7–swivel feet. Exhale 8–down. Inhale 9–rise, Exhale 10–back to the grass & daisies growing. Inhale 11 back to samasthitih.

Ah, but there are 5 vinyasas (which is what I should focus on breathing through, not the asanas I tend to worry about) in this sequence, not 11!!!

So what I found it Should be is just 5 vinyasas:
Samasthitih–Inhale 1–step right. Exhale 2–go down grab toe (yes–swivelling, foot arranging, lengthening, balancing getting all in this one inhale!!!) 5 breaths there. Inhale 3–lift from core & square feet. Exhale 4–do the turn, swivel & toe grab in one move. 5 breaths here. Inhale 5–back to standing, feet parallel. Exhaling back to samasthitih (not included in vinyasa count).

I was trying to do ‘mind’ practice last night & ended up having difficulty sleeping especially as I was trying to remember sanskrit (I mean, if you’re going to get insomnia over something might as well get insomnia over the real something right?) & going ‘ekam-dwe-trini-chatvari-pancha–so far so good what’s next the one that sounds like the past tense of ‘shit’ right? and losing track of where I got to every time I did my breaths X5.

But clumsily as I was doing it this morning, it really felt really really good–my focus was actually focused & though I am normally a light sweater (just barely get damp skin & ‘glow’) today I was pouring buckets & buckets!
Till I started skidding on jump backs & Lucy said ‘maybe you need a cotton mat’… hey, maybe I do! One more prop, true, but hey, I’m getting ‘grown up’ yogi props!

Yes, it was a great session. He talked about why we practice, what we want out of practice, & compared it to making music where loss of focus on any one component (lyrics/music/rhythm) means something is wrong.

And he shared what sounded like a moment of samadhi for him, though he did not call it that. After his father’s death, he had a moment while driving when he felt his late father’s presence–& ‘saw’ in that moment how his father was in him & also in his father & his father’s father… going back & forwards in time.

That was striking for me because it so echoed the ‘all things are one’ I’ve been encountering in several books I’ve read recently (Zen Mind, Eckhart Tolle, Conversations With God) & though in abstract it seems frightening & diminishing of me as an individual, his experience of it sounded enriching & strengthening–like an insight ‘flash’ moment given as a blessing.

Anyway it was a good session. And it was good trying to put last night’s ‘theory’ on the mat this morning.

& I treated myself to a massage after… nice & deep!

Now… after this will try to do some writing & then get myself back to the shala!

Oh, & I finished reading Sue Grafton’s Q is for Quarry. Liked: 1) finding out Kinsey’s pretty–she looks like her late mom who was considered pretty 2) the paeans to fast food burgers. I don’t eat them but she writes about them so well I want to! 3) the fact that Sue Grafton based this on an actual unsolved murder. Was wondering how she keeps this ‘new’ & thought maybe you don’t have to when you are Sue Grafton & people know what they want from you… but still she did find this way & it’s incredible. The reconstruction of the actual dead/unknown person is at the back of the book & it would be so great/sad but wonderful if, as a result, she gets her identity back!


8 Responses

  1. Welcome! πŸ˜€

  2. ok… then I’m really really good–going to hunt ‘S’ down–thanks!

  3. S is out already.. πŸ˜€ i think T will be the next one.

  4. Next out is S’? At least ‘R’ is latest on my horizon…

  5. πŸ˜€ I’m waiting for her new book.. hope it comes out soon. I finished all the books they have at the NLB by Sue… Reading life has been very stagnant and stale ever since.. T.T

  6. yes yes ling–and I keep feeling tempted to try her peanut butter & pickle sandwiches too…(yuck sounding at first, but they grow on you when you keep reading about them)

    So glad you like Kinsey & Sue G too!

    & yes, Kirsten–I’m having a great time. It’s no way as scary as I anticipated. In fact I’m realising the more experienced teachers actually push less hard!

  7. Sounds like you’re getting a lot out of the workshops and keeping your energy up — yay!

  8. ahh! I love sue grafton and Kinsey! And her sandwiches with lotsa salt and pickles which entertained her to no end. And all her fastfood too!! πŸ˜€

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