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John (& Lucy) Scott Day 1

Really enjoyed this morning’s workshop!

I was in the 3rd group, starting at 9am (group 1 at 6:20 am, group 2 at 7:40).
We all hovered outside in the little waiting room–upstairs studio at Oasis Holistic. Really nice relaxing space with lots of shelf space & 3 gorgeous pineapples in a bowl–and waited. Me feeling a little apprehensive because everyone I recognised was well into Intermediate Series & one of them was asking “Is today just Primary?”

But once we got in it was fine. He counted us through the first sun salutation & then left us to our own breathing rhythms & I actually managed to focus on my breathing.

Things I learned this morning:
Trikonasana & Mari C & D, I should ground my hips facing forward. Even naval faces forward. And twist my upper torso. I have been winding around from hips onward and not squeezing the parts of my spine that need it most.

Utkatasana: Don’t straighten legs at the end. Just fold forward with knees still bent & jump back on the same exhale.

All forward bends: Ground my hips & use my spine, don’t rely on being bendy.

I can do straight leg jump throughs in an unfamiliar room & on a sticky mat!

My new yoga shorts work great!!

I’m looking forward to the next session.

But I’ll try to put in at least 500 words on the book this afternoon…

On a totally different track: Got an email from Lee Lynch and omigod omigod omigod she said she liked my stories in RTL!!!!!!
You won’t know what this feels like unless you 1) did your growing up on her books 2) live & feel isolated from ‘real’ writers in Singapore

2 Responses

  1. Thank you kindly, my child…

  2. Congrates on the Lee Lynch email, Ms Old School.. :p

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