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Wonderful Weekend

The weekend is here & it’s going to be wonderful… got myself a new Neil Gaiman, a new Sue Grafton, a New Yorker Mag & 3 pairs of yoga shorts–

Yoga shorts? I started out with ankle or mid-calf yoga pants, problem was stopping the ‘flow’ to roll them up for garba pindasana… (now that I can actually ‘do’ garba pindasana it’s a ‘problem’. Before it was a great excuse to take my time & wallow in dread anticipation).

Then I started wearing my running shorts to class. Yoga pants were starting to lose their elasticity & getting worn-down-worn-out patches.
But running shorts (mine anyway) are really silky-skiddy & the built in underwear & outer shorts don’t always agree on where & how far to skid…

So, new yoga shorts as a treat. And for the upcoming workshop (30 June, 1 & 2 July) and the whole of WoYoPracMo-July!!

It’s going to be a great weekend & a great month!

Plus my carrot & chinese cabbage seeds have sprouted & in case anyone remembers them, the two mini-pine trees rescued from pre-Christmas Cold Storage (only supposed to last a week) are still alive & flourishing!


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