Practice… hmmm

Not a great practice today. Went down to YogaShala for 9 am mysore since I wasn’t feeling so great & wanted some ‘external’ discipline.

Except it wasn’t just me imagining I wasn’t feeling so great. Managed to lose control of my right arm when I was trying to figure out stuff & then my eyesight blanked out for a while. I know I’m still adapting to the new meds & dosage but still, it’s been so good for so long, I forgot what it can be like.

Still–got up to navasana. James stretched out my arm muscles & was very sweet about me missing the second half of the practice.
(Must remember this as a way to get out of doing stuff!)

And if you count today I got 7 practices in in 7 days so… I may take a break tomorrow!

Now to top up this week’s novel word count before doing a ‘Fess Up!


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