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Great Practice!

Skipped morning practice today after late night out last night & went to YogaShala at noon for mysore with James F.

And it was great!!!

Okay, I’m not ‘great’ yet but as James says, the baseline keeps moving up so both the ‘highs’ & ‘lows’ get higher… (okay, it sounds more profound when he’s saying it…)

But my balance is coming together, I actually did a couple of straight leg jump throughs on a sticky mat. My dropbacks are still shitty but at least (I think) a little less shitty than previously and I can balance on my arms to a count of 60

Okay, I was aiming for one minute but apparently counted too fast so it was actually only 50 seconds…

But I’m ready & looking forward to July WoYoPracMo!

Now back down to earth to do a whole bunch of laundry, write another 600 words, edit at least 5 pages & compile a story list…

Oh yes. Today my SimpleLife focus is ‘The Law of Least Effort’ and part 1: I will practice acceptance, accepting people, events, situations as they occur’. I already blew it, posted another message in response to the Sayoni blog troll Snot who blames lesbians for the fact that he doesn’t have a wife or a successful career…

He’s actually very funny. I need to find out what he looks like, wanna do a cartoon series!

This could be how I turn ‘problems’ into ‘opportunities’! (as the second point on the card would have me do!)

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