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Very Busy Today

But just blew 45 min replying to a troll on the Sayoni blog. Waste of time, I know, but…

I know–shouldn’t get so irritated with people.

Today I want to go buy fish for the cats, go take laundry (& see if I can find a couple of magazines) to Gina, write 1000 words into draft, read through short story manuscripts… thinking about putting them into a book myself, using Amazon’s CreateSpace

Plus I have 2 chapters of the Eusoff book to read & edit ASAP & a former professor who’s just come out of bypass surgery wants some personal writing done–by me. It’s going to be a long & slow businesss but she’s one of my onetime mentors & I really can’t/won’t say ‘no’ to her.

But I got up at 6.30 & put an hour & half of practice–yes, I’m preparing for July’s WoYoPracMo.

& tonight is Dai Ee’s big birthday dinner.

But I just have to very quickly write about dear Donut, one of the 4 dogs I walked on Monday. She managed to get herself covered in tiny red ants (young, inexperienced, did some grass rolling in the wrong spot) and though she didn’t feel them in her fur, they crawled done to her belly & privates & she would howl-yowl-yelp trying to chew them off. I found I couldn’t wash them off with the hose but the best way to get them off was to put my hands & arms on her so they crawled onto me instead & I could squish them (I know–I usually blow ants off me, ahimsa & all that–but these refused to be blown & I love little Donut).

What was wonderful was that once she understood what I was doing, she leaned in on me & sat still even when she was getting bitten, just directing me to where to find the ants.

And later, when we continued our abbreviated walk, she kept stopping to come back to me to rub her head against me & lick me!

Grateful puppy dog!!

And today I was trying to spend the day focused on Karma Law–Cause & effect, giving & receiving… courtesy of ThinkSimple’s Deepak Chopra cards… think I just blew it with my sarcastic sayoni comment but let’s see how the day goes!

6 Responses

  1. the little troll is back again, I just went to look. Hope you all do go see too…

    What’s so amazing is he sets up claims for us (that we are a superform of life, have get out of jail free cards etc) that he then upsets himself about, splutters & tears down with holy dread… not noticing we don’t make these claims–they come from his fantasies…

    I wanna go tease his ping pongs some more but I really got to put in my word count for tomorrow’s Fess Up!!!

  2. hi darkorph, think it’s a ‘him’ because of the language patterns… no need to sign on to Sayoni–this is in the ‘blog’ section you can go in as a nameless guest

    Sad part is, even if I wanted to go with his version of social rules there would be no ‘real man’ for me due to my natural lack of curves, buxomness etc etc!

    & yes, spidermonkey, agree with the vibes… cos if there was no ‘tendency’ it would just be not his business to be homophobic. But if there is he’s feeling ‘I fought this down & will keep fighting it down to stay happily married why can’t everybody else fight it too?’

  3. More curious now – what did you say to him? Are we sure it’s a him? Maybe it’s a very repressed matron.

    Damn. Now I have to go visit Sayoni to see what’s going on with this troll.

    Kind of like rubber-necking at an automobile accident.

    Are lesbians so powerful? Can lesbians ruin a man’s romance, career and marriage prospects?

    Must use power for good and not evil.

    “Real men love women with a womanly figure….curves , movement , shape , buxomness….real life and beauty.”

    Okay, i have too many male friends who dates stick insects, so that’s not true.

    How come no mention of real men loving women for their wit, intelligence and charm? Or their warmth, their compassion and generosity? These qualities get me everytime.

    Oh dear, I am not a real man. Oh wait, I am not a man, so it’s okay.

    Maybe Snot was in love with a lesbian once. It was a heartbreaking unreciprocated affair. We must offer compassion.

  4. oh good god. i would have beheaded the friggin troll.

    Funny this:
    My cycling kaki recently confessed to being homophobic. And he says that its ‘normal’ to be homophobic. I obviously screamed at him for being a bigot for the whole ride. Gggrrr…

    And then… here’s where the irony kicks in…

    A couple of my lezzie friends met him last weekend and the first thing that went off were their little gay-dars! All I could hear were “Are you sure he’s married?! He’s like totally gay lah!”

    I was tickled pink. hahahhah!

  5. okay darkorph, you asked… some excerpts from his (long and 3X) postings:

    “The vain , vulgar , irresponsible choice of “lesbianism” is an insult to true womanhood , to real women.”

    “And , get real….it is all these halfwitted , self absorbed girls being “lesbians” who idolise super-skinny , near anorexic bodies….bizarrely trying to look like ‘boys’.

    “Real men love women with a womanly figure….curves , movement , shape , buxomness….real life and beauty.”

    “lesbianism” is evil…..you have not got better taste , let alone ‘way better taste’….getting into this conceited depravity.

    “ALL men are created for women.
    ALL women are created for men.”

    “Don’t try and fool anyone…..what you do , is , always , an insult…..the very worst of insults.”

    “And , you’re behaviour condemns itself…….your very own conscience judges you.
    Before we even have to get to Divinity , nature , morality and culture , which all , stridently , lays down firm judgement , that what you are doing is wrong.”

    “And you should call out to God , for real”

  6. A little curious: what was it that the troll wrote that made you so upset?

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