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Cotton Mat?

(copied from WoYoPracMo blog)
Tried a cotton mat for this morning’s practice because several people swore to me it was ‘the thing’ that would bring my straight-leg jump throughs to life.

And I wanted to get my ‘kit’ together & functioning in time for July’s WoYoPracMo. (yes! WoYoPracMo is back!!)

The idea apparently is to get through opening & standing sequences then in your final downward dog before dandasana you scuttle round spreading the cotton mat over the sticky mat & jump through without missing a breath.

Maybe it takes some getting used to.

Yes, I sort of did several zip-slides through to seated posture, but to be honest only one was a genuine straight leg jump through. The rest were more like ‘land on my feet & squish-slide forward fast’.

And I kept skidding & landing on my knees/belly during jumpbacks.

And I got mat burn on my palms (whine)

So it’s between getting used to practising on a cotton mat & learning to do straight leg jump throughs on the sticky… maybe I should stick with the sticky.

But then I now Have a cotton mat.

But then that would mean 1 extra mat to clean up & carry around.

But then all the more experienced yoga (students) I know say this works–though some use towels instead of cotton mats.

But then I don’t see the cotton mat switch on yoga videos made by my yoga idols.

Does my extreme indecisiveness show or am I managing to hide it?

& my palms still hurt after savasana…(repeat whine)

2 Responses

  1. ouch–bad sliding door!

    oh, my jump throughs are very very clunky, believe me!

    And yes, I’ve seen people do beautiful cross-legged jump throughs too! I was trying to work towards that but my new guru says that given my arm/torso/leg length ratio I should find it easier to jump through straight than cross only to uncross.

    (& of course I believe everything me current guru says)

    But I guess I’ll give it a serious shot/attempt. After all he’s managed to help me do no-momentum chakrasanas which is great for me because I have a great fear of momentum going out of control.

    & yes, I totally agree with the not too much baggage (here we would say ‘barang-barang’) practice.
    That you learned yours on a sticky mat is very encouraging. Will keep that in mind when practising–& my mind is my biggest obstacle so I really mean it when I say Thank You!

    Will let you know when/if I get this!

  2. I have decided straight leg jump-throughs are nice, but not essential—that a graceful transition is more important. Some people can do the jump through and then they bang down on the floor and that seems worse to me than not doing it. I used to do the jump through but after I stupidly hurt my right arm in a sliding door (don’t ask!), I had to stop. The arm still isn’t right so I’ve accepted that I’m just not doing the jump throughs any more and that’s okay. Annie Pace once told me that grace is important in the practice and a thunky jump through (not that yours is!) is not graceful!

    I have seen people at Richard Freeman’s studio doing a beautiful cross-legged jump through where they straighten their legs right after going through the arms and then gently place their legs on the ground. This seems very hard to me, requires a lot of control, but it looks lovely. Maybe I will work toward this.

    If you have to scramble around and put out a rug or towel and it disrupts your practice, maybe you don’t need to do this?

    Btw, I learned the jump throughs on a sticky mat, not with a rug.

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