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‘Fess Up Friday

Not a very good week word count wise… 3149 words added to the novel, didn’t make my 5000 word goal.

But–saw a couple of shows I liked, had pretty consistent yoga practice & zazen.

I realise when switching from front to back in warrior (towards the end of standing sequence) I tend to break my breathing rhythm & look around for where to place my feet; James (Figueira) said my gaze should be consistent because that ties in to breathing consistency. Worked on being conscious of that this week, as well as trying to get used to straight leg jump throughs.

Read some books & mags & cleaned the fishtank filters & the study & kitchen plant troughs–yes I know I reaching but when you’re desperate…

& it’s been extremely hot here–either hot & humid or heavy thunderstorms. Difficult weather to sleep in but yes, I know, making excuses.

And healthwise it’s good, really good; feeling fat (have to stay above 55 kg if possible. I’m right on it now), peaceful & comfortably hydrated, who could ask for more?


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