Almost ‘Fess Up Time

Have been really bad at writing this week so have to put in some serious keyboard time today. But first, some very quick notes on Temple by Cake Theatrical Productions that I saw at Drama Centre last night.

I loved it even though I didn’t know what the hell was going on.

Wow–the sheer physicality of the cast (including Nora Samosir in a leg cast I couldn’t decide was genuine or a prop) was incredible & beautifully choreographed.

The eroticism of the little girl & love child, the exuberant (& very sexual) energy of Bear & Wolf, the hopeful yet hopeless attempts of Malay speaking husband & Mandarin speaking wife to communicate–each seeming blissfully unaware they were speaking different languages, the fear of the unknown repeatedly pounding ‘Let Me In’, the transformers suits, the video game/fighting-killing-destroying anime movements, the longing, the fear, the attempts to forge bonds in ‘safe’ places like within families/atop isolated mountains/behind barricaded doors…

okay, and then there were the crocodile headed cheerleaders (not totally out of the blue though–there was some tale almost heard about butterflies & crocodiles drawn to but not trusting each other) & the marching band complete with brass section.

Yes. No kidding.

Oh right–and there were scenes projected up back, both from war/disaster footage & created with the actors bringing up the feeling of vulnerability. Nothing can be trusted because all walls/protection/sanities can be broken.

Summing up? I really don’t know what was happening but I left the theatre feeling high & spinning off in a hundred directions so I would say good energy, good theatre, good spectacle.

But that could have been partly because I discovered a new use for my new pashmina… as an eye filter because at times the bright lights were really too glaring but seen through a veil of pashmina, just right.

I know some people left with headaches.
Others were going (re: Natalie Hennedige, director) “She’s mad, she’s mad–did you see the time she put a lion dance on? Outdoors, but still–oh, she’s mad, I love her!”


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