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Library Thing & Sayoni happenings

Signed up for an account at Library Thing in attempt to get my books in order–I like the site, it’s a very low interference zone or rather you can interact as much as you want to while analysing/paring/cataloguing your own books at home.

So far I’ve only managed to put in about 50 books so far, but I’m enjoying the process. Maybe I’ll finally get my books ‘in shape’ here as well!

And I got nominated for the Sayoni ‘hot list’ (!?!)

Must say it’s a thrill to get on the nomination list–wish I knew who these people are, (jen? jj? think I’m falling in love!)

And the nlb called back & were totally sweet so I also apologised for making a fuss & though my initial tantrum ranting desire was to get my manuscripts back from them now I’ve submitted my copy request for 5 stories by email, they’ll get them copied within 2 weeks & let me know how much it costs & I can go down/have someone go down & pick them up for me.

But does this mean that sometimes you have to be irrational & freak out? Because if not I can imagine still being there in the queue, especially if closing time came (for the photocopy room, not the library) & I had to start queuing again this morning?

5 Responses

  1. Yeah, sometimes being the nice person doesn’t pay. I never manage to get to psychobitch, though, it’s just not in my personality. But sometimes I wish I could because of exactly the hassle you went through. As they say, the squeaky wheel gets the grease!

    Glad you got it resolved, though.

  2. would rather be slightly (or more than slightly) OCD than slightly pregnant…

  3. okay…I actually totally understand the LibraryThing now.

    That was how my blog eventually evolved – when I wanted to keep track of what I read, what books I buy, and how long I take to finish a book. (I actually have dates in my written journal on the date I started a book, and the date I finished)

    So I’m slightly OCD too. But only slightly. Like being only slightly pregnant.

  4. Hey, I like Michelle Paradise–the look, the manner everything about her!

    & yes to the psychobitch observation. I don’t like it but yes–tis true. & I’m very afraid of turning into the kind of person who automatically switches to ‘bitch mode’ to get things done.

    Hey, LibraryThing is fun!
    But I’m also trying to ‘use’ it to cull & define my reading habits. Shocked to find how many food books I have–not just recipes but food memoirs etc.
    And how many old books I wouldn’t pick up today from second hand stores but have kept around just because I bought them once!

    So–if LibraryThing works for me, will only keep books I can record as ‘valuable’ to me for some reason–could be because it’s great writing/I love it even though it’s not great writing/sentimental value/part of a set but there’s got to be a reason other than someone once passed it to me as background for a project & I never read it but can’t get rid of it!

    And yes. As you can tell from my itemized justification, am totally OCD…

  5. wah lau – that one copy Afterellen’s Hot 100 list lah! And so sad, Singapore so small we can only accomodate Hot 20, ah?

    Chee Soon Juan’s Wife? Hello?

    Catherine Lim? D’uh. Have anyone seen her with make-up?

    But okay lah, I nominated Michelle Paradise for the Afterellen one, so I shouldn’t complain about other people’s idea of “Hot”

    Soon you will have people nominating their girlfriends and their mothers. *shakes head*

    But on a more serious note, behaving like a psychobitch is often the way we are conditioned to “get things done”. The psychobitches get the necessary attention. *sigh*

    It’s sad news for a yogi, isn’t it? Maybe the challenge is to get things done without resorting to the drama. But so difficult. I try to be nice (and I’m not a patient person by nature) – but it’s often when I start to get angry – that’s when they begin to pay attention.

    LibraryThing – okay, I officially declare you OCD. I tried listing a few books – then I thought: what the heck am I doing this for?

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