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‘Fessing Up

5145 words this week. Whew–made my target. But only 3 yoga practices. I still have time to get a short session in after this, before getting ready to watch tonight’s Lear Project.

Good week though. Still alive & functioning. Did bits of reading in between writing. Telling myself to Hang On or just hang on.
As long as you can fake it you can still make it so go on acting like a writer, acting like you know what you’re doing, acting like you are strong & healthy & having a terrific life!


4 Responses

  1. Hey,

    Just felt like dropping by.

    How are you…havent seen you on my blog ?

  2. Hi Darkorph & Garten, sorry I missed you online! Okay some of the ideas did make me go ‘Wow’, it’s just that the execution…
    like the ‘live’ discussions were a great idea, just that the language they were scripted in was so painfully ostentatious–mix of academese & pontificanese.

  3. Good for you, glad the writing’s going well. Sounds like you’re not feeling too well, though. Maybe you need a walk outdoors. . . 🙂

    The Lear thing sounds, frankly, tedious.

  4. You have to be online right now because I just finished reading your Lear report when this post came up.

    Hope everything is well with the blood test.

    Thanks for the lengthy Lear reports. If it does come next year, don’t think I would watch it though. 😀

    I don’t get the impression that it’s a production that makes you go “Wow”? Feels more like an intellectual exercise than an emotional one.

    Part 1 just feels like the sort of postmodernism self-reflective drama that I have come to avoid. For the reason you have mentioned – they seem more interested in showing people how “smart” they are without anything real to say.

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