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Next attempt at Arts Fest

Tonight, my next attempt to attend this year’s Arts Fest–the first of 3 Lears I’ll be (hope to be) watching.

And I’ve got my whole non-stress day planned out–
Pick up reading glasses in the morning (yes, I need reading glasses. Feel like I should go pick up a walker & a flowered housedress at the same time…);
Buy week’s supply of Fish for the Cats
Pick up pre-made Cedele salad for dinner
Write 1000 words
Do a short practice–say 45 min
Review SATC & Bird by Bird
Type in & forward my choice of back cover reviews/excerpt to publisher

And no, I won’t be driving tonight so I should make it there & back okay.


5 Responses

  1. heehee–thanks Tech!
    I’ve dipped into your blog again–very impressed by how you write!

  2. I have several pairs of reading glasses, but I’m always looking for a pair. 😦

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I found yours to be very interesting. I especially enjoyed the short story Spoken Spells. It gave me the shivers. 🙂

  3. thanks people, I fully intend to enjoy being there tonight!

    & yes, will give you a full report… the other reports will have to wait though–practice & shower come first!

  4. Good for you. I’m only attending one show this year for the Arts Fest – Music of Central Asia.

    Please report back on the Lear performance if it’s good (or not) – I considered watching it, but opted not to.

    and SATC, and how you liked (or not) Bird by Bird.

    I’m grinning at the reading glasses bit. 🙂

    There are things we can control, and things we can’t. As long as you are well.

    take care.

  5. Have a wonderful time!

    Not much we can do about needing reading glasses, is there? I know I will be before too long, since I already notice that small print is waaaay too small these days.

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