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‘Fess Up Friday

Already? It’s been a bad, bad week novel wise. I got only 600 words down.

But… I did work out the ‘feel’ of the main character (in a notebook rather than my masterdoc. so it doesn’t count)

And I finished (I hope) typing out & inserting footnotes into the critical intro that Dr Seet did for me…
And I finished the Q & A (or rather A-ing the Q’s I was given) that are probably going to be included to liven up the individual scripts.
And I worked out & sent the editor/publisher my preferred title & sequence of plays…
And played with Adobe I to try to come up with my own cover. I know what I want it to look like but it still takes time time so much time & adds so much eye strain!

Working on a previous book does count for something, doesn’t it? I never realised there was so much ‘work’ involved even after something is ‘finished’.

Well, I’m learning the process which is great. I just want to make this sustainable–writing one book while prepping the previous one for publication & drafting the next–or the next two…

And yes, it looks like I’m going to be working over the weekend!


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