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Ideal Life

Stopped at a traffic light after dropping off yoga dvd with Tarn How–let’s see whether we can get him addicted too!–& going on to Gina’s and realised it doesn’t matter if I take more time than I ‘allowed’ myself.

I was stressing over should I go get the cats’ weekly fish supply today? Do I have time to grab some lunch out? I need to get some coconut milk or any green veg curry is going to be ‘kosong’… but then I realised in spite of the stress (felt–means my brain is doing this to me) and deadlines (self imposed because I have this fear of not delivering) I’m actually living my ideal life right now.

Part of the stress is wondering how my stories will look online alongside ‘real’ writers in ReadTheseLips. But it’s so great that I’m having stories there at all, I should be focusing on how great that is. How I would have felt reading the First Edition if I’d known I had a chance to be in the 2nd!
And then feel that feeling now.

And doing eye-killing edits & Q & A for the book of plays–Now tentatively title ‘Hitting On Fat Virgins In Trees: Plays by Ovidia Yu’–well, that’s part of another big dream, seeing my own collection to publication. Griping to myself about how tiring it is is just me being afraid to realise how wonderful it is in case some jealous gods take it away from me.
But my God isn’t like that at all. From what I have seen, my God is happy for me to be happy & exploring and stretching & enjoying the process and that is what I will do.

And of course writing & Re-writing the mystery novel is another part of my dream. It is so wonderful to be working on something that (thanks to what I’m learning from previous drafts) might actually come together.
And if this draft doesn’t work either, well it’s one more way not to make a light bulb & I’ll embrace that knowledge too!

With 2 stories appearing any day now (ReadTheseLips keeps tantalising us with ‘soon soon soon’), a book being prepped for publication & another being written (if I want to stretch this out, TWO novels being written & another play idea I’ve decided to put on hold till next year… & another full length draft to rework)…
This is my Ideal Life I’m living. I’m incredibly blessed to be here.

Today is a moon day (3 am here in Singapore). No wonder all the energies are all over the place. I will probably do a Yin practice later…

And I have a great lunch simmering on the stove now–miso soup with baby bok choy, a bunch of mushrooms that look like brown enokis and an orange pepper to be poured over a slab of silken tofu…


2 Responses

  1. Yes, it is wonderful. Life is good! 🙂

  2. I am so glad you are living your ideal life. How wonderful that is, and how wonderful to realize it!

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