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Busy Busy Busy

Suddenly it seems like there’s a lot to do, but it’s also been good. Wonderfully exciting in some ways, healing/reconnecting in others.
An old friend/classmate’s Dad died suddenly. Even though I hadn’t seen her for years we were close once so I went for the wake (amazing after so long I still remembered not only the house number but the way there… without needing the gps!) and it was strange but not too bad seeing people I hadn’t seen for years.
(if anyone watched ‘Hitting On Women’ she was the source of the ‘Do you want to be a boy’ comment)

Nuisance thing now is, my eyesight is going slightly, everything is covered with a grey mist full of floaters so reading/staying at the computer for more than 5 to 10 minutes gives me aching eyes & sends the headache up a notch.
But still, could be worse (& let’s not go into details how!)

(Selfish aside:Why don’t we put a couple of million dollars into stem cell research instead of casinos? I could really use the results fast!)

Met Dr Seet yesterday to go over his critical intro to my book of plays & the overall feel of it. He liked the idea of including Q & As between each, but said to focus on my writing even if the most frequent questions I get asked tend to be how they can write/submit/get their own plays produced. He also okayed my cover idea–back to Illustrator to pretty it up.
But he’s still keen on getting old newspaper articles and old magazine interviews/photos in. Problem is, even after several months Regina only came up with a few recent Straits Times pieces & no photos at all so I don’t think me going to root through their archives will do any good.

Today–the Eusoff College Medal Selection interviews are this evening, I want to bring some laundry & magazines to Gina in the afternoon.

And also to type in all the footnotes & my own Q & A and I just ‘clicked’ on an attitude that feels right for my mystery novel characters–but it’s already Wed & I barely have 200 words in, what am I going to ‘Fess up to this Friday & I want to go play with my cover design & ReadTheseLips should be launching Volume 2 now so I’m quite excited about that too…
And I’m way behind in my reading (but I listened to an hour & half of Richard Freeman on the ego & self in practice & life… lectures 2 & 3 yesterday)

So yes, life is very good. But I haven’t sprouted beans or been to a mysore class for nearly a week now so I have to remember to re prioritize & root in what is important.

Yesterday’s practice was opening sequence, 4 standing & 4 seated asanas, backbends, poor poor attempt at pincha m & closing.

Would anyone else call this a practice? No.

Do I call this a practice? Yes… well I was on my mat!


3 Responses

  1. thanks Darkie! I know what you mean, but intent teeters between preserving what’s left & getting as much done before it’s too late!!

  2. A little concerned about your eyesight. Maybe it’s okay to stay off the computer and books for a while?

    Or use audio books.

    Take care. But I’m sure you are.:)

  3. Sounds like a practice to me! My own practices have been quite short (15-20 minutes) lately and are tending toward just a handful of poses. A little yin, a little lazy.

    And don’t get me started on stem cell research. Stupid politics have no place in medical research.

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