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No Write Saturday

And no writing either. But I picked up a second swim tank for the turtle boys & bricks to lead them from one to the other… & visited the largest cold room in Singapore at Joan Road–where the boys bought the flowers for KK Seet’s party.

They were right, it was incredible in there. Masses and masses of the most gorgeous blooms, blossoms & buds & all for much less than ‘town’ prices. I didn’t believe the 20 roses for $11 but it’s true!

This is JiMei at 5 Joan Rd I’m talking about. Yes, on ‘principle’ I don’t see the point of cut flowers (guess that’s why I get presented with pot plants instead of bouquets at opening nights–must admit it’s not the same…) but today–yes, yes, yes I could see the appeal & was definitely weakening.

It’s not as though they’re bunches of puppy tails or frog legs…

But no. I left with my fibre glass tank & bricks… After all the hot season is coming, I want to give those sliders more space.

And treated the fish to shelled peas in addition to their ‘complete nutrition’ flakes.

The fish were a lot more responsive than the turtles. I must admit that even though you want to do good by all your creatures, it’s nice to see active response.

So as a human creation I’m going to actively & joyfully respond to the gift of this life & explore, experiment, grab & play with the green pea chunks that drift down around me instead of go ‘new tank? Okay. Think I’ll just go lurk in the bottom of it’.

Almost 12,000 steps on the pedometer–without doing practice–I’m exhausted.

Amy’s Indian Mattar Tofu for dinner. One of my favourites and reserved for special occasions or just when I’m really too tired to cook…

Sad, but one of the best compliments on my cooking came from a guy who said ‘It’s as good as Amy’s!’
Not sure if that’s a compliment or a putdown but will take it as a compliment!

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